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Old Photographs - Cambridgeshire Photographers - Re - Rh

Photographers are listed alphabetically by surname on the following pages.

0 - 9 | Aa-Ak | Al-Ao | Ap-As | At-Az | Ba-Bak | Bal-Bam | Ban-Bd | Be-Bh | Bi-Bk | Bl-Bn | Bo-Bp | Br-Bt | Bu-Bz | Ca-Ck | Cl-Cn | Coa-Cor | Cos-Cz | Da-Dh | Di-Dq | Dr-Dz | Ea-Ec | Ed-Ez | Fa-Fh | Fi-Fz | Ga-Gd | Ge-Gq | Gr-Gz | Ha-Hd | He-Hh | Hi-Hn | Ho-Hz | Ia-Iz | Ja-Je | Jf-Jz | Ka-Kz | La-Ld | Le-Ln | Lo-Lz | Maa-Mad | Mae-Mar | Mas-Mb | Mc-Mi | Mj-Mz | Na-Nh | Ni-Nn | No-Nz | Oa-Oz | Pa-Pb | Pc-Ph | Pi-Po | Pr-Pz | Qa-Qz | Ra-Rd | Re-Rh | Ri-Rz | Sa-Sb | Sc-Sf | Sg-Sk | Sla-Slz | Sma-Ss | Sta-Std | Ste-Sth | Sti-Sy | Ta-Te | Tf-Ti | Tj-Tz | Ua-Uz | Va-Vz | Wa-We | Wf-Wh | Wi-Wz | XYZ

Name:  READ, Jack D. b:1921       d:
Address: 2 Police Houses, Castle Street, Cambridge
Working Dates: c.1939 - 1950s
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1939 Register Jack was shown as an apprentice photographer at the above address with his parents: Richard L Read police sergeant b: 30/6/1895 and Bessie L Read b: Nov 1893. Against Jack's entry was written 750934 AC2 Read JD Photo Sect Sq3 RAF ?Shawel?, suggesting WW2 military service in photography in the RAF. By around 1949 Jack was the manager of the University Cameras Developing and Printing Works, initially operating from sheds in Searle Street Cambridge, later in premises in Bridge Street Cambridge under the bookbinding works of Stoakley and Son. Later University Cameras started a colour developing and printing works called Fencolour. Tom Johnson recalls Jack Read but does not believe he continued into colour work.
References: 1939 Register. Personal recollection of Tom Johnson.

Name: REAM Harry b:1864 Long Sutton Lincs. d:
Address: Cobden Terrace, Peterborough
Working dates: 1891-1930s.
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Bookseller, Stationer and printer. RPPC publisher included in a "Directory of Cambridgeshire Postcard Publishers/photographers noted before 1914" by Michael Rouse in "Cambridge in Early Postcards", Oleander Press 1978. Not currently known whose images used. In the 1921 Census Harry gave his occupation as a bookseller working on his own account in Midgate Peterborough and residing at 59 Eastfield Road, Peterborough. By 1939 Harry was a retired stationer and bookseller living at 12 Lincoln Road, Peterborough.
References: Census 1891, 1901, 1911, 1921, 1939 register.

Name: REAM, John Roland Fosbrooke. (Roland) b: 1907 Wisbech d: 1988
Address: 24 North Brink Wisbech
Working Dates: 1930s-1970s
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Roland Ream was the son of Wisbech photographer Lilian Ream. See her entry below for more details of the firm. Roland entered the Ream firm before the start of WW2. During the war he joined the RAF. In "Lilian Ream A Life In Photography" by Kim Bowden, Cambs CC, 1992, p77 the chapter on Roland Ream, the son of Wisbech photographer Lilian Ream states, "At the end of the war Roland had returned full of ideas for expanding the business in the field of cine films. In 1946 the lease on the separate dress shop had expired and he took it over as an independent business called "Roland Ream Cine Service". He had always been interested in cine photography and was in the fortunate position of being able to build a business from his hobby. The shop sold cine cameras and projectors, sold, developed and printed films and carried out equipment repairs. Schools from a wide area became important customers for the sale and maintenance of visual aid equipment. Roland also hired commercially produced films and would show them to local groups and at private parties. He was assisted by John Day who had previously worked for E.Lawrence Witcombe Ltd, the portrait and commercial photographers at 7 Nene Quay who were also accredited dealers for Gebescape and Pathe cine apparatus. When Lilian retired in 1949 the firm became a limited company and Roland was the managing director. Roland's wife, Violet, became a Director and Company Secretary. It is not known how long the association between Roland Ream and John Day continued, but Roland closed his business in 1971. Roland and Violet Ream's son, Roger J Fosbrooke Ream, b:1937 also joined the family firm.
References: "Lilian Ream A Life In Photography" by Kim Bowden, Cambs CC, 1992, p77

Name:  REAM, Lilian       b: 1878 (Walsoken, Norfolk)      d:1961
Address: 4 Crescent and 7 York Row Wisbech, 4 The Crescent and 5 Alexandra Road (1912)
Working Dates: 1909 - 1949 (Her firm continued to operate under the direction of her son until 1971.
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information:

Lilian was one of the most prolific and important photographers listed on this site. The grand-daughter of William Pratt of Hill House West Walton, Norfolk, daughter of John Thomas Pratt. Lilian Pratt married Sydney Ream, son of Fosbrook Ream of Maltby's Farm Fridaybridge in 1905. Lilian was the pupil of Alfred. Drysdale, whose studio was in the house later occupied by C D Palmer on Lynn Road, Wisbech. That studio was first opened by Valentine Blanchard and, as time passed, the business changed hands, first to John Hinley and then to Alfred Drysdale. After Lilian had been a pupil for some time, Hardingham Mehew and Leonard Smith secured it. Lilian afterwards worked for John Kennerell who occupied Borough Studios, first as a pupil, then assistant and finally as manageress. After a while Lilian became a partner and the firm's name became Brown and Ream. In 1909 Lilian had the Crescent Studio erected in The Crescent Wisbech (4 The Crescent was her family home). She also purchased the business on Lynn Road where Smith became the assistant. Later she purchased Jasper Wright's business in Alexander Road, but used the premises more as a showroom than studio. In 1921 she took over the lease of Borough Studios  and described herself as “Portraitist and Gallery of Arts and Crafts". She also opened a showroom in Market Street, but in 1921, when she acquired the Borough Studio on the retirement of JL Brown, this was discarded as no longer necessary. The 1921 Census lists the following as employees: COULAM, Violet E.; FLETCHER Arthur G. and REYNOLDS, Ivy. In 1932 it is believed that Lilian purchased the business of the Imperial Photo Company, then newly established in Wisbech.

Lilian Ream was the foremost photographer in Wisbech in her time, taking over a number of her competitors. She was also the official photographer for the Wisbech Standard newspaper. In addition to portraiture, commercial and press photography, Lilian Ream produced postcards, an example of which is below. She retired in 1949 and her son, John Roland F Ream, continued the business, which finally closed in 1971. A meeting to liquidate Lilian Ream Ltd took place on 14th July 1971. Lilian died in 1961.

One of Lilian Ream's young employees has very positive memories of Lilian as a boss and a business woman. A young Jean Miller b.1930 left school at 14, just before the school leaving age was put up to 15. Being artistic and interested in crafts, Jean used to make "nature craft" and sold a number of pieces to Lilian Ream, who sold them in her shop. Jean says, "I think she must have recognised that I was artistic and that was why she took me on in 1945 (aged 15). It was there that I learned how to retouch photos and colour them. That was before coloured photographs. I used to go to Wisbech from March on the Bluebell Bus. I was only there a few months but left after catching a virus which left me ill for some time". She describes Lilian Ream as a "woman of the world, sophisticated, smart, attractive, a business woman. She lived in one of the lovely houses on the brink in Wisbech."

Cambridgeshire Libraries have an extensive collection (100,000) of Lilian’s negatives, including around 15,000 from her studios taken by earlier Wisbech photographers. This is the largest component of the extensive collection of photographic negatives held by the Cambridgeshire Collection. Prior to the purchase by the library, a large number of negatives were removed from the firm's shop where they were stored, without the permission of the Ream family. Some of these are still in private hands. The Lilian Ream collection of negatives are currently at the Central Library Cambridge, part of the Cambridgeshire Collection. Shown below is a well executed oval studio portrait of an unknown lady. The mount measures 6.5 x 4.5 inches and has the words "Lilian Ream Wisbech" in gold lettering in the bottom right hand corner. The reverse of the mount is blank. The style of hair and dress suggest this is from around 1910, so a reasonably early example of her work. Below is an example sepia real photo postcard of St Leonards Church Leverington, from the Ream Studio - the reverse has no publisher's details and no stamp box. Also below is a wedding group by Lilian Ream Ltd, unknown family, 1950s, below which is the design of a wrap round card mount supplied with the wedding photo and details of the studio backstamp from the reverse of the photograph. Below this is a portrait of an unknown child printed on postcard stock on the reverse of which is printed "The Lilian Ream Studios, Wisbech". The face of the portrait has an impressed "Lilian Ream Wisbech" in the bottom right hand corner made with a hand embossing press. Below this is an unusual survival - a personalised envelope with Lilian Ream's details (Michael Brown Collection).

References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Wisbech, Kellys Directory of Cambridgeshire 1912-37
Wisbech Standard 24/8/1923 P5 for a biography under the title "Business Heads"
Mike Petty,  An Eye on the Past, Cambridge Weekly News, 5/2/1992, 12/2/1992
Lilian Ream: a life in photography / edited by David Rayner. Cambridge : Cambridgeshire Libraries, 1992. 80p., illus., photos., 21 cm
The Ream collection : the female photographer Lilian Ream, whose images captured fenland life in the early 20th century / James Frank. 2002
L.Ream, Wisbech is included in a "Directory of Cambridgeshire Postcard Publishers/photographers noted before 1914" by Michael Rouse in "Cambridge in Early Postcards", Oleander Press 1978.
Jean Wilson Née Miller, in conversation with her sister Mary Davies, August 2022.

Advertisement for Lilian Ream

Advertisement for Lilian Ream's studio, Kelly's Directory of Wisbech 1932/3

Mounted oval portrait of unknown lady by Lilian Ream, Wisbech

Postcard, Lilian ReamReverse of Ream postcard

Wedding Group, by Lilian Ream

Unknown Wedding group 1950s Lilian Ream Studio, below are details of mount and backstamp

Mount and backstamp from wedding photo above

Portrait of a child, Lilian Ream StudioReverse of portrait, Lilian Ream Studio

Lillian Ream envelope

REAM, Roger J Fosbrooke, b:1937 Grandson of Lilian Ream who also worked in the family photography business in Wisbech- See entry for Lilian Ream above.

Name:  REC Photo Co  (Alfred J.Shepherd) b:       d:
Address: Soham
Working Dates: 1933
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information:
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Soham, Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire 1933
See also Alfred J SHEPHERD

Address: 1997 at The Barn, Newton Rd, Little Shelford, in 2000 at Unit 15 Ronald Rolph Court, Wadloes Rd, Cambridge
Working Dates: 1997 – at least 2000. A number of online directories suggest the firm is still in business in 2016
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: digital photography
References: Cambridge Yellow Pages 1997, 1998, 2000

Name:  REDGWELL, Eilian Mary  b: 11 Sept 1913       d:1981
Address: 47 Highworth Avenue, Cambridge
Working Dates: 1939
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1939 Register Eilian is listed as a professional photographer, she was single living with her parents at the above address. Her parents were: Clifford H Redgwell b: 1883 an electrical and mechanical engineer and Minnie L Redgwell b: 1884. Is it possible that "Eilian" was the photographer "Eileen" who worked as a photographer at Post Office Terrace with Ramsey and Muspratt?
References: 1939 Register.

Name:  REDMAN, John  b:       d:
Address: 105 Brewery Road, Pampisford
Working Dates: c.1982
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information:
References: Cambridge Yellow Pages 1982

Name:  REED, Z  b:       d:
Address: 6 Exchange Street, Peterborough
Working Dates: 1907
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Z Reed has a single entry in a local directory for 1907. See below real photograph postcard of the pulpit of Peterborough Parish Church (St Johns on Cathedral Square) - titling and photographer's name in rather shaky handwriting on face of card. No trace found in census returns for 1911. There was a Zachariah Reed b:1883 Peterborough, living at 63 Eastgate Peterborough in 1901 - he was a "railway wagon greaser" - but there is nothing other than the unusual first name to link him with this photographer.
References: The Peterborough Directory 1907

RPPC by Z ReedReverse of Z Reed postcard
DEtail or Z Reed RPPC


Name: REEVE, Agnes b: 1903 Cambridge d:
Address: Jolly Brewers, Union St Cambridge
Working Dates: c.1921
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1921 census Ethel was a single woman living with her parents and a sibling at the Jolly Brewers in Union Road Cambridge. Her occupation was a photographer's assistant working for Scott and Wilkinson, St Andrews Street, Cambridge
References: 1921 Census

Name: REEVE, Lewis Walter b:1883 Terrington St John d:
Address: in 1911 at The Firs, Tilney All Saints, Kings Lynn (around 10 miles from Wisbech)
Working Dates: c.1901 - 1911
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1901 census Lewis was an apprentice photographer boarding in Blackfriars Street Kings Lynn. In the 1911 census Lewis was listed as a photographer working from home on his own account at the above address. He was living with his parents; James b:1855 Terrington St Clement fruit grower and Annie b: 1857 Terrington St John. Also at the same address were Lewis's two younger sisters and a younger brother. Robert Pols suggests that Reeve was an apprentice to Jasper James Wright of Kings Lynn.
References: Robert Pols' studio notes for JJ Wright www.earlyphotostudios.uk/wright.asp

Address: Homerton Street, Cambridge, from 1982 at Denny Industrial Centre, Waterbeach. Some time between 2000 and 2016 moved to Rectory Farm, 1 Brewery Road, Pampisford, Cambridge, CB22 3EN
Working Dates: 1974 and still in operation in 2016
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: The firm was started by Terry Reeve, ex RAF. They advertised as undertaking Industrial and advertising photography in 1974. In 1977 Terry Reeve was awarded a Fellowship of the Institute of Incorporated Photographers. On 26 October 1982 a Cambridge Evening News article mentioned the names of other employees as Terry Allen, Alan Davidson and Simon Hawkins. By 1990 they had 16 staff working from 4 studios. They were picking up a lot of commercial work, often on confidential projects for various local high tech firms. Clients at that time included the Ministry of Defence, Acorn computers and a number of car manufacturers. They had an operation in Huntingdon, catering for the North of the County, called Photosphere. Their current (2016) website states “Reeve Photography is a leading Industrial, Commercial and Advertising studio. The 2500 sq ft drive-in studio complete with infinity curve is equipped with top quality Broncolor lighting coupled with Phase One digital capture ensuring consistently high quality results. Conventional film capture is also available should you require. There is also a fully equipped kitchen area to cater for the increasing demand for top quality Food photography. Location assignments are also handled on a regular basis anywhere in the UK/ Europe.”
References: Kelly's Cambridge Directory 1974, 1975, 1980 Cambridge Yellow Pages Reeve Photography (Cambridge) Ltd, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1990, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000. Peterborough Yellow Pages 1980. B.W. 20 Sept 1990.
Cambridge Evening News 26 October 1982 reported on the opening of their studio at Denny Industrial Centre Waterbeach.

Address: March, Tel 01354 660053
Working dates: 1978-1997
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Portrait and Wedding specialist. Member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. Identity of photographer not currently known. Advertised locally 1996-1999
References: Fenland Citizen 17 Dec 1997 p14 (Thanks to Garry Monger for this reference), 17.7.1996 p8

REGAL PHOTO CO, 74 Princes Street, Peterborough - see ETCHES, Joseph Morris

85 Regent Street, Cambridge, Spaldings Directory of Cambridge 1913-26
then listed as "Regent Studio (Starr & Rignall) 85 Regent Street"
Also listed as "Regent Studio 85 Regent Street" in Spaldings Directory of 1910,11,12

Below is a portrait of Peggy Elizabeth Flack (married name Bond) b:1923 in Southery Norfolk, taken at Regent Studio sometime during World War 2 when she was working in the Catering Staff of  Addenbrooke's Hospital.  The photograph has been reproduced with the permission of Peggy's son, Alan Bond, who states "The photo is a bit of mystery as she seems to wear a tunic jacket with some form of wings emblem but we have no knowledge of any air force connection. My grandmother had a similar photo of my mother's younger sister wearing the same type of jacket, so it may have been a studio prop." Any information on the badge and tunic would be much appreciated. Below the portrait is a more detailed view of the studio details on the mount.

Regent Studio portrait

Detail of Regent Studio mount

Name: REID, (Archibald) Frederick b:c.1850 Dundee, Scotland d:
Address: in 1911 Dullingham, near Newmarket Cambridgeshire, 1921 at Fen Ditton Cambs.
Working Dates: c.1911-21
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information:
In the 1911 Census Frederick Reid is listed in Dullingham Cambs as a photographer working on his own account. On the census form, for the number of rooms occupied, Frederick has written "one caravan", which the enumerator has crossed out. Presumably therefore Frederick was in a caravan at Dullingham on census night. He was alone, but stated he was married, and had been for 21 years, and had seven children of whom five were still alive. In 1891 an Archibald Frederick Reid, born Dundee c 1852 was at Little Walsingham and his occupation was a photographer's assistant. He was with his wife Caroline b: Norwich 1866 and daughter Florence b:1889 Norwich. No trace has been found of Archibald Frederick Reid in the 1901 census, but his wife and children were at 11 Balaclava Terrace Norwich. In the 1921 Census Frederick was at Ditton Lane, Fen Ditton Cambridgeshire, He was a photographer working on his own account from home or "no fixed place. "The birth places of his children suggest where the family lived at different points. Florence was born in Norwich in 1889, Mary in Burnham Norfolk in 1892, Ellen in Soham Cambridgeshire in 1897, Emma was born in Norwich in 1893 and Annie in Norwich in 1901. In 1911 while Frederick was in his caravan at Dullingham, his wife, three daughters, son in law and two grandchildren were in Cambridge, living at 137 York Street, and his wife Caroline was a college bedmaker. Daughter Mary was a factory hand at a jam makers and daughter Florence, now married, worked as a laundry hand at a steam laundry. In 1939 Caroline was a widow and a retired college servant living at 137 York Street Cambridge. Robert Pols lists Archibald Frederick Reid as a photographer in Staithe Street, Wells, Norfolk in Kelly's Directory of Norfolk 1892. It is possible that Frederick Reid and Archibald Frederick Reid were not one, but two individuals, but as a working hypothesis in the absence of further information they are assumed to be one and the same. Dullingham is three miles from Newmarket racecourse, and it is possible that Frederick was living there to take photographs at one of the Newmarket spring race meetings. (Census day Sun 2 April 1911, racing at Newmarket Tues 4th April)

Name: REID, Douglas Gavin b:1881 d:1934
Address: “Finkenberg” Cambridge 1911,   19 Chesterton Rd 1921, 1923, 1927, 75 Grange Road Cambridge 1929-1934
Working Dates: c.1929 - 1934
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: MBBS Edinburgh University graduating in 1905, Douglas Reid was appointed as a demonstrator at the Cambridge University School of Anatomy in 1910. He was devoted to his work and the author of several medical books. In the 1921 census he was listed as a lecturer in human anatomy at the Cambridge Medical Schools, Downing Street, Cambridge, and living at 19 Chesterton Road with his wife Gertrude Mary and a live-in cook. In 1934 he lost his job due to a change in the rules of the University and suffering from depression over this and his financial situation he committed suicide.
Douglas Reid was an active local photographer contributing to the Cambridge Antiquarian Society Photographic Survey between 1929 and 1934. Three wooden boxes of his glass negatives have survived in the Cambridgeshire Collection together with an album of contact prints C.66.LS. Mike Petty states “They record areas of the fenland taken when he was resident at Grange Road, Cambridge and - apparently - driving a convertible motor car registration number EW 4131 which finds its way into some of the photographs. A reliable vehicle would have been essential to journey to many of the far-flung areas otherwise inaccessible. On one expedition he came across a group of gypsy caravans on Turf fen, between Chatteris and Doddington which provided him with some interesting snaps. On another occasion he came across flooding near Whittlesey with water right across the road with only pollarded willows and telegraph poles serving to mark the route. His fenland photographs are a unique record of the area.”
References: Report on inquest The Scotsman 3 Nov 1934 p16. Guide to the CAS Survey by Mike Petty. Guide to the CAS Survey negatives in the Cambridgeshire Collection. UK Medical Registers 1911, 1923, 1927, 1931. 1921 Census.

Name: REYNOLDS, Ivy, b: 1897 Woodhurst. d:
Address: Woodhurst. 1921 at 24 Lynn Road Wisbech.
Working Dates: c. 1920s
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1921 Census Ivy, and her younger sister Annie REYNOLDS b: 1904 Woodhurshwere boarding at 24 Lynn Road, Wisbech. Both worked for Wisbech photographer Lilian Ream. Ivy was a photographer's assistant and Annie was a photographer's pupil. There are a few references to Ivy Reynolds in the Norris Museum Collection. PH/S.IVE/Broad.L/5 is the photograph of the interior of a house called Rheola in Broadway, St Ives. The photograph is signed by the photographer Ivy Reynolds of Woodhurst. Another image of the same property by the same photographer is: PH/S.IVE/Broad.L/6. PH/WDHUR/12 is a photo of the artist in the 1920s donated by Mrs Eva Shaw. Notes suggest that Ivy Reynolds, artist, lived at Woodhurst where her father Frank Reynolds was a grocer and Draper (1920 Kelly's Directory) The Norris Musum catalogue suggests that Ivy may have worked for photographer Lilian Ream - which appears to be based on a photo of Ivy in their collection, impressed with the name of Lilian Ream's Studio. PH/HOUGH/42 is a photograph by Ivy Reynolds in the 1920s of a four poster bed at Dr Martin’s house at Houghton.
References: 1921 Census.

Name: RHODES, Ethel b: 1895 Kirk Hamilton, York d:
Address: 45 Kingston Street, Cambridge
Working Dates: c.1921
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1921 census Ethel was a single woman living alone at 45 Kingston Street Cambridge. Her occupation was a travelling photographer and canvasser, with no fixed workplace.
References: 1921 Census

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Photographers are listed alphabetically by surname on the following pages.

0 - 9 | Aa-Ak | Al-Ao | Ap-As | At-Az | Ba-Bak | Bal-Bam | Ban-Bd | Be-Bh | Bi-Bk | Bl-Bn | Bo-Bp | Br-Bt | Bu-Bz | Ca-Ck | Cl-Cn | Coa-Cor | Cos-Cz | Da-Dh | Di-Dq | Dr-Dz | Ea-Ec | Ed-Ez | Fa-Fh | Fi-Fz | Ga-Gd | Ge-Gq | Gr-Gz | Ha-Hd | He-Hh | Hi-Hn | Ho-Hz | Ia-Iz | Ja-Je | Jf-Jz | Ka-Kz | La-Ld | Le-Ln | Lo-Lz | Maa-Mad | Mae-Mar | Mas-Mb | Mc-Mi | Mj-Mz | Na-Nh | Ni-Nn | No-Nz | Oa-Oz | Pa-Pb | Pc-Ph | Pi-Po | Pr-Pz | Qa-Qz | Ra-Rd | Re-Rh | Ri-Rz | Sa-Sb | Sc-Sf | Sg-Sk | Sla-Slz | Sma-Ss | Sta-Std | Ste-Sth | Sti-Sy | Ta-Te | Tf-Ti | Tj-Tz | Ua-Uz | Va-Vz | Wa-We | Wf-Wh | Wi-Wz | XYZ


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