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Old Photographs - Cambridgeshire Photographers - Ge - Gq

Photographers are listed alphabetically by surname on the following pages.

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Name: GEE
Address: Great Shelford
Working dates: c 1914
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: RPPC publisher included in a "Directory of Cambridgeshire Postcard Publishers/photographers noted before 1914" by Michael Rouse in "Cambridge in Early Postcards", Oleander Press 1978. Not currently known whose images used.
References: No trace in Kelly's 1916 Directory

Name:  GEE, Charles  Rowland  b: 1878 at Chatteris     d: 1916
Address: East Park Street, Chatteris
Working Dates: 1915 - 1916
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: The photo below, from David Simkin's collection, in an oval embossed mount, is from Gee's period at Chatteris as can be seen from the detail of the mount "Chas R Gee, The Studio, Chatteris". David Simkin of http://photohistory-sussex.co.uk records that Charles Rowland Gee worked briefly with his sister Mrs Eliza Bristow in Worthing. He lived there in 1901 according to the 1901 Census, but had returned to his native Chatteris by 1916. http://photohistory-sussex.co.uk/WorthingPhtgrsBoBr.htm . After Charles died in 1916 his wife took over the Chatteris business, trading as Mrs C.R.Gee and in 1921 the census recorded that she was employing as an assistant Edith Mary WILLINGDALE. Mrs Eliza Bristow, an experienced photographer, took over the running of the studio at 19 Chapel Road Worthing after her husband's death, but continued to trade in Worthing under the name "W. C. Bristow". At the time of her husband's death, Eliza Bristow was only 26 years of age, with two young children under the age of four. Eliza clearly needed assistance in the studio and she turned to her family for support. Before very long, the young widow was joined by her younger brother, Charles Rowland Gee. In 1911 Charles, newly married, was living at Kingsland Road Broadwater Worthing with his wife Margaret Nee Whittle and he was employed as a photographer. Charles died in 1916 - see also the entry below for Margaret GEE.
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992.
Kelly's Directory 1916.
The Chatteris site for the Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network (CCAN) http://chatteris.ccan.co.uk/index.php has a portrait of Arthur Albert Beeby by C R Gee which they date as 1915.

Mounted portrait by C.R. Geedetail of portrait by Gee

Detail of mount - C.R.Gee

Name:  GEE, Eliza       b: 1870 Chatteris     d: 1935
Address: London Road Chatteris
Working Dates: 1891 Chatteris, later in Sussex
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Eliza Gee was the daughter of missionary and minister Henry Gee b: 1841 Woburn Bedfordshire, and sister of Charles Rowland Gee above. In the 1891 census Eliza was living with her parents and siblings at London Road Chatteris, and her occupation was a photographer. Later that year Eliza moved to Sussex and married photographer Walter Charles Bristow. Bristow died at a relatively young age in 1896 and Eliza continued to run his Worthing studio after his death. For full details of Eliza's career in Sussex see David Simkin's site http://photohistory-sussex.co.uk/WorthingPhtgrsBoBr.htm

Name: GEE, Margaret, b: 1880 Wareham Dorset d:
Address: 2 East Park Street, Chatteris
Working Dates: c.1921
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Margaret was the widow of Charles Rowland GEE above and continued his business after his death in 1916. In the 1921 census Margaret GEE, a 41 year old widow, was living at 2 East Park Street, Chatteris and was a photographer and an employer working from home. At the same address was Edith Mary WILLINGALE, a photographer's assistant employed by Ms C R Gee 2 East Park Street, Chatteris.
References: 1921 Census

Name:  GEORGE, Margaret          b: 1899      d:1983
Address: Guyhirn
Working Dates: 1918-1950
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: An amateur photographer, daughter of the Vicar at Guyhirn. Margaret George was such a prolific photographer that she deserves inclusion on this site. She took over 10,000 photographs locally over 30 years.
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Carling C and Human B “Fen Archive” Cambridge Darkroom, 1986
Mike Petty, An Eye on the Past, Cambridge Weekly News, 18/4/1991
Payne B "The Margaret George Collection, a list of negatives", 1996
The Cambridgeshire Collection has a collection of Margaret George negatives deposited on loan LO8.2407

Name:  GERMAN, Percy Walter  b: 1888 Ilfracombe, Devon      d:
Address: 1 Melbourne Place Cambridge
Working Dates: c.1911
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1911 Census Percy is shown as a boarder at a lodging house at 1 Melbourne Place Cambridge. His occupation is shown as a photographer, working at an art studio. His employer is not currently known. In 1921 Percy was outside Cambridgeshire, a photographic operator and re-toucher, working for William Slade Stuart, photographer, 2 The Quadrant Richmond Surrey and living at 44 Godstone Road, Twickenham
References: 1911 and 1921 England Census.

Name:   GIBSON, Martin b:       d:
Address: 5 Orchard Estate, Lynn Rd, Ely
Working Dates: c.1995-1998
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: weddings, portraits, old photographs copied
References: Cambridge Yellow Pages  1995, 1997, 1998

Name:   GILL, Jacque b:      
Address: Church Road, Hauxton
Working Dates: c.1990-
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: The Cambridge Evening News 29 Aug 1990 reported that Jacque was setting up her own photographic business in Hauxton after working for 14 years for another local photographer (? Dumbletons). She specialised in wedding photography. Her latest venture, Dreams, involved an hour with a make-up artist and an hour with the photographer.
References: Cambridge Evening News 29 Aug 1990

Name:  GILL, Alex. T. , later Gill, Alex. T. Ltd  b:       d:
Address: 35 Queen Street, Peterborough, then from around 1964 at 38 Park Road, Peterborough
Working Dates: 1958 - 1980
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Wedding photography and portraiture. See below 6 x 4.5in photograph of a 1950s audience of ladies, with rubber stamp on reverse. Next is a black and white group photograph, late 1950s, 5.5 x 3.5 inches in printed cream folded mount with text "Photograph by Alex. T. Gill, Peterborough". Below this are two back stamps from 6 x 4.5 black and white prints from the 1970s.
References: Kelly's Directory of Peterborough 1958, 1961, Peterborough Tel Directory 1964, Eastern Counties of England Trade Directory 1966/1967. D.A.Yales Directory of Huntingdon and Peterborough 1967/1968. Peterborough Yellow Pages 1971, 1974, 1977, 1980.

Alex Gill photo 1950s

backstamp from Alex Gill print 1950s

Alex Gill group photo late 1950s

Cream fold over mount for Alex T Gill

Alex Gill back stamps 1970s


Name:   GILLMAN, Charles b.1853 d.1913
Address: The Parade, Cambridge
Working Dates: c.1890s in Cambridge
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information:

Charles Gillman (1853-1913), son of Richard Gillman, cordwainer, was a photographer in Oxford. His occupation was shown as a photographer in the 1871 census when, aged 18, he was still living at home in Oxford with his parents and siblings. It is not known whether Charles worked on his own account as early as 1871 or whether  he worked as an employee at one of the other Oxford studios.

 In the Oxford Times, Sat 15 July 1876, Charles Gillman announced that he had set up in business as a photographic artist at 18 Market Street, Oxford.  In an advertisement on page 1 of the newspaper he;
 “begs respectfully to inform his friends and the public generally that he has commenced business [at 18 Market Street] and trusts that his experience combined with moderate charges will ensure a share of their support. An early inspection of his work is earnestly solicited. Carte de visites from 9/- per dozen, cabinet portraits from 12/- per dozen, groups of every description. By appointment.  Enlarging, copying and colouring. Framing of every description.”

Local directories show Gillman and Masslin, photographers,  9 Magdalen Street Oxford, 1875-1889, and Charles Gillman, photographer, at 107 St Aldates Street Oxford 1882-1910

Charles Gillman married Elizabeth Selina Grimmett, who appears to have come from a family of photographers. In the 1901 census Charles and his wife were in Bournemouth on census night at the home of his mother-in-law, Elizabeth Grimmett, b.1824, a retired photographer.  Alice M Grimmett, Charles’ sister-in- law, was also present and shown as a “retired artist”.

The National Archives have records of five photographs which Gillman and Co Ltd, 107 St Aldates, Oxford, submitted to Stationers Hall for copyright purposes between 1886 and 1907. In all cases the actual photographer was shown as Ernest George Cyril Chaundry of 20 Abbey Road Oxford.  Chaundry was an employee of  Charles Gillman.  In 1886 Harry Chaundy, living at the Post Boy. High-street, picture-frame maker, also  worked at Gillman's. Another of his employees in 1886 was Edward Dadewell. (They were all witnesses  in a court case for theft against another employee,  William Fowler, reported in the Oxford Journal - Saturday 27 February 1886 p6). Another employee from 1883-1885 was Alfred Kersell.  Kersell was dismissed by Charles Gillman after 2 years – then threatened his former master after a dispute about references -  Oxford Journal - Saturday 25 April 1885 p6.

Another photographic family in Oxford was that of James Soame. In the 1881 census James Soame (1838-1913) photographer, lived with his family at Cyprus House, Hutt Road, Oxford. Hi son, also called James Soame (1862-1934), was a photographic printer. Directories show James Soame Junior, photographer at  56 High Street Oxford 1889-1894 and at 101 High Street Oxford 1895-1911.
The 1911 Kellys Directory shows James Soame  photographer  at 105 St Aldates St Oxford, and next door at 107 St Aldates was Gillman and Co, described as print sellers.  It would appear that at some point around this time Gillman’s and Soame’s firms joined together.  At the time of the 1911 census, Charles Gillman described himself as a retired photographer.

A third Oxford Photographic business, Hills and Saunders, had an even longer pedigree.  Robert Hills Senior (1822-1882) was a hairdresser and wig maker in Oxford. In October 1850 he advertised

“HAIR CUTTING ROOMS, 16, Corn Market Street, Oxford, opposite the Star Hotel
ROBERT HILLS, (many years Principal Assistant  to Messrs SPIERS and SON.) begs respectfully to inform the Members the University, Inhabitants of Oxford and its Vicinity, that has opened the above Premises, and hopes by strict attention to merit a share of their patronage and support. Every variety English and French Perfumery, Stationery, &c.—Perukes. Fronts. Bandeaus, and Ornamental Hair In all Its devices.—Families and Schools attended.” (Oxford University and City Herald Sat 12 Oct 1850 p1)

From the range of hairdressing related services he offered, Hills obviously had an entrepreneurial approach to his business. In 1852 he described himself as an “artist in hair”, and advertisements show that he “turned ladies’ and gentlemen’s own hair into watchguards, bracelets, brooches and rings on the premises”. This probably led him to an interest in photography, and in May 1856 he advertised “Talbotype photography. Portraits taken daily from nine to five, coloured if desired, terms moderate, Robert Hills, 16 Cornmarket Street, Oxford, opposite the Star Hotel” (Oxford Chronicle 17/5/1856 page 4). In 1861 Robert Hills Snr lived and carried on his business in Corn Market Street Oxford with his wife Annie (b:1833 Derbyshire), and children, Robert Junior, Henry James and Annie. Two other daughters were at boarding school on the census night. The household had 2 servants and Robert senior was described in the census return as a "Photographic artist employing 10 men, 2 women and 3 boys". The partnership "Hills and Saunders" dates from 1861 when Robert Hills Senior went into partnership with another former hairdresser, John Henry Saunders (b:1836 Cumnor). Saunders ran the firm's studio at Eton. In 1877 Saunders became the son-in-law of Robert Hills Senior, marrying Hills' daughter Elizabeth.
Hills and Saunders became one of the more prolific and successful Victorian photographers - in their heyday they had branches in Oxford, Cambridge, London, Harrow, Rugby, Aldershot, Yorktown and Eton. They also achieved royal patronage. In 1931 Gillman and Soame took over the Oxford Hills and Saunders business and the Hills and Saunders name was no longer used in Oxford after 1935.

Gillman and Soame have continued in business, through different company structures, to this day.  They now specialise in large group photography. Gillman and Soame UK Ltd, Units 7 & 8 Chancerygate Business Centre, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1FQ  https://www.gillmanandsoame.co.uk/

The Carte de visite below adds another interesting facet to the firm’s history. The carte shows a young man, perhaps in his late 20s, posed with arms folded on top of a tasselled cushion. The face of the carte bears the legend “Chas Gillman, Instantaneous portrait St Mary’s, The Parade, Cambridge.” The reverse has the same address for “Chas Gillman, Art Photographer”.  In manuscript on the reverse is the name, presumably of the sitter: “Henry Shelding”. It is difficult to date this carte – perhaps from the 1890s – which shows that Charles Gillman had some sort of presence in Cambridge. However, the text on the carte suggests it might have been drafted by someone unfamiliar with the town. “St Mary’s” presumably refers in some way to “Great St Mary’s” and “The Parade” to “Kings Parade”. Kings Parade was where Hills and Saunders operated, prior to closure in 1892 after the bankruptcy of Robert Hills Jnr. But somehow, after that closure, Hills and Saunders was the name of the photographic business at 19 Kings Parade which operated until 1940. There are no local directory entries for Gillman and so, for the moment, Charles Gillman’s presence in Cambridge remains a mystery.  There is always the possibility that this carte is from outside the UK, but so far no trace has been found of a similar photographer's name and address.

carte de visite by Chas Gillman, CambridgeReverse carte de visite by Chas Gillman, Cambridge

Address: 87 Wycliffe Grove, Werrington, Peterborough
Working Dates: c.1990
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information:
References: Peterborough Yellow Pages 1990

Name: GIL(L)SON, Frederick Walter       b: 1878 Cheveley, Cambs      d: 1960
Address: Swaffham Prior, then High Street Burwell, Causeway Burwell in 1901 and 1912, Sunny Side Studio Burwell in 1910
Working Dates: 1900-1920s
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: postcard producer - views and local events. Frederick was the son of Swaffham Prior butcher Walter Gillson. In 1901 Gillson was a photographer living in the High Street, Burwell, with his wife Ada, his wife's mother Eliza Green, and his son, Frederick. In the 1911 Census Gillson was living with his wife Ada and children: Frederick, Alexander Underwood, Margaret Muriel May, and Albert Edward, at The Causeway, Burwell, Cambs and was described as a photographic artist. By 1921 Frederick and family had moved to Suffolk. Frederick, wife Ada and 4 children were living at 40 Devonshire Road, Ipswich. Frederick's occupation was a photographer, working on his own account from home. Many of Gillson's negatives are held at Suffolk County Record Office as Gillson later worked at Brooks Hall Road Ipswich, with a shop in Norwich Road Ipswich. Below is a print of a distant view of an unknown three storey house surrounded by trees, c.1900. The image is 9.5 x 7 cm on a buff coloured heavy card mount with embossed flowers and "With Best Wishes" in gilt lettering in the tower right hand corner. The mount has been trimmed and the photographers details lost from the face, but someone has written on the reverse in pencil "Photo by FW Gillson Swaffham Prior". Below this is another image of what might be the same house and same period, viewed through an avenue of trees, with snow on the ground. The image is 10 x 7.5 cm on an impressed buff heavy card mount. Again the mount has been trimmed losing the photographer's details from the face, but the reverse is annotated in pencil " "Photo by FW Gillson Swaffham Prior". Below this is a real photograph post card by Gillson depicting the interior of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Wicken, Cambridgeshire. This was postally used in 1920 with a Soham postmark. Typical of Gillson is the handwritten caption in white capitals against a dark part of the image. The reverse has a divided postcard design and there is nothing on the reverse indicating the name of the photographer or publisher. Next is a family group portrait, taken on location outside an ivy-clad house with distinctive windows with small square lites. The brown card mount has, in manuscript, on the lower edge "F.W.Gillson" and "Sunny Side Studio Burwell". This photograph is owned by Amanda Harlow and has been deposited in the Burwell Museum. (Amanda would be delighted to hear from anyone who can identify the location or any of the nine family members shown). Frederick Walter Gillson has one photograph registered at Stationers' Hall for copyright purposes. It is a photograph of W Ambrose Esq, paying the last toll, Burwell Nest Toll Bar, Cambridgeshire, December 1905. The Copyright owner of work: Frederick Walter Gillson, Sunnyside Studio, Burwell, Cambridgeshire. Copyright author of work: Frederick Walter Gillson, Sunnyside Studio, Burwell, Cambridgeshire. Form completed: 2 July 1910. TNA COPY 1/547/38
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, Kelly and Co London 1900-12. Kelly's Directory of Suffolk 1925
Mike Petty, An Eye on the Past, Cambridge Weekly News, 16/5/1991
Reeve, F.A., Victorian and Edwardian Cambridgeshire from old Photographs, Batsford 1976, Plate 22 – Trumpington c.1905
Michael Rouse, Cambridgeshire in Early Postcards, Oleander Press, 1978,
Michael Rouse, The Villages of Old Cambridgeshire A portrait in Photographs and Old Picture Postcards, SB Publications 1989, has eight examples of Gillson's work. More are to be found in Anthony Day, Fen and Marshland Villages. A Portrait in Old Photographs and Picture Postcards. SB Publications 1993 ISBN 1 85770 041 4.

Photo of house by Gillson

Detail of photograph of unknown house by FW Gillson

Snowscape by FW Gillson, Swaffham Prior

Writing on reverse of the above print by Gillson

RPPC by Gillson

Family group by Gillson, Sunnyside Sturio, Burwell

Address: Peterborough
Working Dates: c 1870s
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: See below for carte de visite of man in top hat and long coat with boy (father and son portrait?), plain white card mount square corners, back-stamped with oval rubber stamp "PHOTOGRAPHED BY E.GLENDENING PETERBORO". Note - until more information is found, there is a possibility that this stamp is for CLENDENING - i.e. surname commencing with "C"
References: No trace in local directories. No other records found. There was a Montague Glendening / Glendening Brothers photographers operating at one point in nearby Bourn Lincs - not known if there is any connection.

Carte de visite by E GlendeningReverse of carte de visite by E.Glendening

Name: GODDARD, Edith Gertrude. b:1905 Bishops Stortford, Herts. d:
Address: 108 Thoday Street, Cambridge
Working dates: 1921
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1921 Census Emily was living with her parents and three siblings at 108 Thoday Street Cambridge and was employed as a "Junior developing photography" by Mr Turner, Camera House, Regent St Cambridge.
References: 1921 Census.

Address: 97B Bridge Street, Peterborough Tel 67524
Working Dates: c 1960 -
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Their entry in the Kelly's Directory of 1961 reads "We will photograph anything"
References: Kelly's Peterborough Standard Directory 1961

Name:  GODDEN, John Harvey  b:1881 Sudbury, Suffolk       d: 1941 Haverhill, Suffolk
Address: High Street, Sawston
Working Dates: 1901-1925
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In 1901 John, aged 20, was living with his parents, an older brother, Frank, and younger sister, Alice M, in High Street Sawston Cambridgeshire. He was listed as a photographer, on his own account, working from home. By 1911 John had married Agnes Lilian b: 1882 Duxford Cambs and had a five year old son, Leslie. He was still a photographer, an employer, working on his own account, but at 52 High Street, Haverhill, Suffolk. In the 1921 Census all remained the same. Kelly's Directory entries for him at Sawston continued until 1925 - an error, or did he maintain studios at both locations? He remained at 52 High Street Haverhill until he died in 1941. The cabinet photograph below (author's collection) of a young girl in white dress, on dark grey mount has the text on the face "J.H.Godden Haverhill and Sawston" suggesting he did maintain a presence at both locations. The reverse of the mount is blank. Below this are two postcard backed portraits of an unknown mother and child by Godden. One is back-stamped with a circular rubber stamp "JH Godden photographer Haverhill" from the 1930s.
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire 1904-1925.
J.H.Godden is included in a "Directory of Cambridgeshire Postcard Publishers/photographers noted before 1914" by Michael Rouse in "Cambridge in Early Postcards", Oleander Press 1978.

JH Godden Cabinet photograph

Two real photo postcards by Godden

Reverse of Godden postcards

Godden back-stamp

Name: GOLDENBERG, David B: 1890 Romania d:
Address: 34 Agenora Street Wisbech
Working Dates: c.1921
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1921 census David Goldenberg, a Romanian national, was lodging at 34 Agenora Street Wisbech and gave his occupation as "photographic enlargements", working on his own account from home.
References: 1921 Census

Address: 31 Kerridge Close, Cambridge
Working Dates: c.2000
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: weddings
References: Cambridge Yellow Pages 2000

Name: M.GOMPERTZ b. d.
Address: St Ives, Cambs
Working Dates: 1859
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: The only item of information concerning this photographer has been found in the Cambridge Independent Press Sat 10 September 1859 p7. The news item suggests that Gompertz was probably a travelling photographer with some sort of mobile studio. However, no other newspaper articles or advertisements have been found for him in the press for 1859 or 1860. The 1859 item is: "St Ives Photography. Those who wish to see photography in perfection, should pay a visit to the studio of M.Gompertz, just arrived in this town. We confess to have seen no such pictures, except in the Crystal Palace. Their sharpness is almost unrivalled; and the French method is adopted by him of photographing the background in a soft medium tint is altogether unique. He has a large collection of specimens on paper and in oils. Perhaps the most notable (certainly the most pleasing) among these is a highly finished portrait of a little boy laughing, which for life-like expression we have never seen equalled". There was a Monseur.Gompertz who was an artist and proprietor of a number of huge painted dioramas which toured the UK during the 1850s, but nothing has been found to connect the two.
References.Cambridge Independent Press Saturday 10 September 1859 p7. (Thanks to Garry Monger for discovering this reference)

Name:  GOODE, John Thomas  b: 1864 Bluntisham  d:
Address: Bluntisham
Working Dates: 1890
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: This photographer has a single entry in the 1890 Kelly's Directory of Huntingdonshire. The census returns only contain one likely candidate for this photographer, a John Thomas Goode, b: Bluntisham, son of David Goode b: 1832 at Bluntisham, a miller and farmer. In 1891 John Thomas Goode is shown as a 27 year old farmer's son living with his parents. By 1901 John was a fruit grower / farmer, living at Bluntisham with his wife Gertrude Hall Goode, b: 1872 at Wisbech. They had an eleven month old son Hardingham Rushbrook Goode. [This very unusual combination of christian names matches that of Wisbech photographer Hardingham Rushbrook Mehew - too much of a co-incidence for there to be no connection between the families?]. In fact John Thomas Goode's wife, Gertrude Hall b: 1872, was the sister of Hardingham Rushbrook Mehew b: 1873. Both were the children of Bluntisham born James Mehew, a draper and silk merchant. In 1911 the Goode family were still in Bluntisham and John was a fruit grower. None of these census returns show this John Thomas Goode as a photographer, but this connection may in fact have been through his brother-in-law and his interest in photography might not have lasted beyond the single 1890 trade directory entry.
Kelly's Directory of Huntingdonshire 1890

Name:  GOODENOUGH, Joshua  b:1849 March Cambs d:1931
Address: Somersham
Working Dates: 1890s
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: See below the reverse of a cabinet photograph by A Holdich who seems to have been Goodenough's successor. The mount is by Marion and Co in glossy ivory finish. The face of the mount has a narrow red border line with no text. The rear simply contains the text "J.Goodenough Photographer Somersham negatives kept copies can always be had No.... Marion & Co". According to the 1891 Census, Joshua Goodenough was a chemist and druggist in Main Street Somersham, where he lived with his family: wife Millicent b:1852 St Ives Hunts, daughters Florrie b:1879 Somersham and Ethel b:1891 Somersham. Joshua had trained as a chemist in Norwich, where he was a boarder in 1871. He had set up his business in Main Street Somersham by 1881. He continued in the same business and location in 1891, 1901 and 1911. In 1911 he had added mineral water manufacture to his business. There is no information as to when he also took up photography, or how long this interest persisted.
References: No trace yet found in local directories.

Reverse of J Goodenough cabinet photo mount

Name:  GOODRICH, Charles Edward b:1867 Bedford d: 19/1/1934
Address: Post Office Terrace, Cambridge
Working Dates: c. 1904-1934
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Charles Goodrich was the son of a glass and china dealer and was born in Bedford. Later his father became a dairyman and milk seller. According to his obituary, Charles started his photographic career in Dublin. By the second quarter of 1889 he was in Bangor in Wales where he married Fannie Prestidge b:1867 Wolverhampton. Soon after he was married Charles moved to Cambridge, but no trace has been found of Charles or Fannie in the 1891 census. Charles worked as a photographer for J Palmer Clarke and by around 1895 he was managing J Palmer Clarke's Cambridge operation at Post Office Terrace Studio. In 1896 Frederick Sanderson joined him as a photographer with J Palmer Clarke. In the 1901 Census Charles was away from home staying at the Waverley Hotel Bloomsbury. J Palmer Clarke was with him, presumably attending some sort of photographic event.

At some point between 1901 and 1911 Goodrich and Sanderson bought the Post Office Terrace business but continued to trade as J Palmer Clarke, so their names do not appear in the trade directories. In the 1911 census Charles Goodrich and his wife Fannie were at Charles' parents house at 51 Wellington Street, Bedford. Goodrich assisted the Cambridge and District Photographic Society with competition judging in 1903 (Cambridge Daily News 17 Sept 1903 p3) and became a member of their Committee (Cambridge Independent Press 1 July 1904 p8). He was obviously a talented photographer as he had two photographs accepted for the Royal Photographic Society Exhibition in London (Cambridge Daily News 14 Oct 1903 p3). Goodrich specialised in portrait work, while Sanderson preferred architectural and commercial work. Charles devised some special kind of colouring process for prints which earned him some acclaim.

In the 1921 Census Charles, wife Fannie, ten year old daughter and his 82 year old father were living at 189 Milton Road Cambridge. He listed his occupation as "photography, portraiture etc", an employer working at home at Milton Road. Does this place of work suggest that the Goodrich and Sanderson partnership at Post Office Terrace had broken up by 1921? Sanderson's 1921 census return lists his place of work as Post Office Terrace Studio. Might the Milton Road place of employment reflect some temporary arrangement? Outside of his work Charles was a keen Liberal, enjoying fishing, bowls and was a member of the Cambridge Rotary Club.

Below is a portrait of CE Goodrich taken at Post Office Terrace c.1920 - this may have been a self portrait, or could have been taken by FH Sanderson - it is negative PCB446/39 in the Cambridgeshire Collection and is reproduced with their consent.

This link will take you to more on the Post Office Terrace Studio and on the surviving negatives from the studio.

Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Petty MJ, The Cambridge Photographers at Post Office Terrace, Cambridge No 29, Winter 1991-2
Cambridge Daily News, 12/1/1927.
Maurice and Sheila Hornsey “Charles Goodrich, the standard of living of a portrait photographer in late Victorian Cambridge”. [Cambridge]: Maurice & Sheila Hornsey, 2005. 16p + illus - an interesting social study using surviving household accounts to reconstruct the life of this family.
Charles Goodrich's obituary is in Cambridge Independent Press 26/1/1934, p5
See also entries for J Palmer CLARKE and Frederick Herbert SANDERSON

Portrait of CE Goodrich

Name:   GOODWIN, F. W. (Possible Frederick William b:1861 Thorney d: 1935
Address: Wisbech Road, Thorney
Working Dates: c 1900?
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: The only evidence found to date relating to this photographer is the cabinet photograph below, a portrait of an unknown man with moustache and cap. This is difficult to date - and could be from 1890s -1910. The reverse of the cabinet photograph is printed in dark blue. The mount is manufactured in Berlin for Jonathan Fallowfield, London. The text on the reverse indicated that Goodwin was a portrait and landscape photographer. There was a Frederick William Goodwin, b1861 at Thorney, living at Thorney during this period, he was the son of Frederick Goodwin, a local builder, and Frederick William was a builder's assistant in 1891, a carriage painter in 1901 and a builder in 1911. He lived at Abbey Place Thorney in 1891 and 1911 and High Street Thorney in 1901. Apart from the name, and village, nothing has yet been found to match Frederick William Goodwin with either Wisbech Road, or an interest in photography. He does not appear in local directories as a photographer. Details of the supplier of his mounts does not narrow the date of the photograph below. Jonathan Fallowfield, who provided Goodwin with his mounts, was a chemist and druggist in Lambeth in 1861 and became a photographic dealer operating there as such at least until the 1880s; he had premises at 146 Charing Cross Road by 1901 and new premises at 61-62 Newman Street in 1924. In 1888 Jonathan Fallowfield was one of the major UK photographic suppliers, advertising a 180 page catalogue of photographic apparatus and supplies, including mounts (London Evening Standard 2 Nov 1888 P1)

Cabinet Photograph by FW GoodwinReverse of cabinet photograph by FW Goodwin

Name:  GOSHAWK, Alfred     b: 1831, Harrow Middlesex   d: 1911 Brentford
Address: 15 Pulling Terrace, Mill Road, Cambridge and at Station Road Chatteris..
Working Dates: c.1864 - 66 Camberwell, 1871 at Harrow, then 1879 - 1881 Cambridge and Chatteris, later, by 1891, at Lambeth.
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information:

Alfred Goshawk was the son of Edmund Goshawk, b:1798 at Elmham Norfolk. In 1851 Edmund was a hairdresser in High Street Harrow and Alfred was also a hairdresser, probably in his father's business. By 1861 Alfred was still in Harrow, where he was described as a "stationer and post-master".

Some time between 1861 and 1864 Alfred took up photography as a business. This transition may have proved financially difficult because in January 1864, when he was described as a "photographic artist" at 52 Church Street Camberwell, his creditors filed for Bankruptcy. Alfred managed to avoid financial disaster and in May 1864 the bankruptcy was annulled. It is likely that he remained at Camberwell at least from 1864-66 as two of his children (Walter J Goshawk and Anne Louise Goshawk) were born in Camberwell in those years. By 1871 Alfred was living at Anne's Place, Harrow, where his occupation was shown as "photographer". His wife, Mary Anne, née Barnes, b: 1828 Dulwich, was described as a "Photographer's wife", presumably assisting in his business. There are surviving cartes de visite from the Harrow business, with just the surname "Goshawk", but also with the initials "E" and "F", possibly Alfred's brothers, Frederick b:1835 at Harrow and Edwin b:1838 Harrow.

Something prompted Alfred to leave the London area and some time between 1871 and 1879, possibly towards the latter part of this period, he moved to Cambridgeshire. The 1881 census shows him as a photographer at 15 Pulling Place, Mill Road, Cambridge and there is an entry to that effect in the local Spaldings Directory of Cambridge also in 1881. One of his daughters, Anne Louise Goshawk, b 1866 Camberwell, was working there as his assistant. Presumably at some point around his stay in Cambridge, Alfred either moved to or obtained a studio for occasional use at Station Road Chatteris. We know this because of the survival of the odd carte de visite bearing the Chatteris address shown below.

After 1881 Alfred moved back to London and by 1891 he was working as a photographer at 51 Sandmere Road, Lambeth - he was shown as working on his own account, neither employed, nor an employer. One of Alfred's sons, Walter J Goshawk, b: 1864 Camberwell, living with him at the same address in 1891, was also employed as a photographer, but not presumably employed by Alfred. Below is an example of the work of W Goshawk - a portrait of Frederick Phillips, draper's clerk, b: 1859, and his family from around 1902 when W Goshawk was operating on his own account from Peterborough Road, Harrow on the Hill. In 1901 Alfred and his wife and two of their children were still resident at 51 Sandmere Road, Alfred had no occupation recorded, presumably having retired. The household had a young lodger, a tailor's cutter, Charles Balls, b: 1879 Camberwell, which supplemented the family income. In 1911, Alfred was living at 43 Egerton Garden, W. Ealing, with his son Charles, both being looked after by his daughter Annie Louise.

See below a touching cabinet photograph of the headstone of a young boy, Frederick Albert Goatcher, aged 3 years and 11 months in 1879, which is likely to be the year the photograph was taken. The reverse is stamped "A Goshawk, Mill Road, Cambridge". (Simon Shirley Collection.). Below this is a carte de visite oval masked portrait of an unknown woman from the 1870s - red line round the face of the mount and reverse has similar simple rubber stamp with the photographer's name and address - Simpson Family Archive. Next is a puzzling carte de visite by Goshawk with the Chatteris address on the reverse. This does not have the photographer's initial, merely "Goshawk photographer Station Road, Chatteris Cambs" printed on the reverse. The dress of the sitter and style of mount suggest that this is a carte from the 1860s or early 1870s. Perhaps Alfred operated in Chatteris before he went to Cambridge. Alternatively the carte could be a copy of an earlier image, although there is no indication of this within the image. For the moment the dates of Alfred's Chatteris operation remain a mystery.

Also shown below is a design from the reverse of a Goshawk cartes de visite from Harrow.

“Watchman”, in a column entitled “The Passing Hours” in the Cambridge Independent Press, 10th September 1943,( P8) wrote: “Many old inhabitants of Cambridge will no doubt remember a small tintype studio in Mill Road about 1880 where people queued up to be photographed on a piece of tin about the size of a postage stamp, for the small sum of sixpence. These were really very good and passably permanent, the writer now having several of them." It is not entirely clear to which Mill Road Photographer this referred, but Goshawk most closely fits the date quoted. A number of tintypes are illustrated below from the author's collection - none of these have any photographer's details recorded on them - but they illustrate the type of inexpensive portrait involved. The mounted ones are on cards 2.75 x 1.75 inches, the unmounted example is 2.8 x 1.8 inches.

References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Spaldings Directory 1881,
England Census 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911
London Gazette 22 Jan 1864 p 349 and 27/5/1864 p 2797

Photograph of headstone by GoshawkReverse of Goshawk cabinet photograph

Carte de visite, Alfred Goshawk, c.1879, Mill Road Cambridge address

Goshawk carte de visiteReverse of Goshawk carte de visite

Carte de visite by Goshawk, Mill Rd Cambridge 1870s

carte de visite by Goshawk, Chatteris

Carte de visite by Goshawk, Chatteris, early 1870s?

     Goshawk Harrow backstamp

Backstamp from Goshawk Carte de visite Harrow studio

Example unattributable tintype portraits

Example tintype portraits from the 1880s by unknown photographers

Family portrait c.1902 by W Goshawk 5.5 in x 4 in on cream card mount, print detail from the mount is above

detail of mount from 1902 portrait by W Goshawk
Family portrait c.1902 by W Goshawk 5.5 in x 4 in on cream card mount, print detail from the mount is above.

Name: GOZZARD, Dorothy J b: 1904 Newark on Trent d:
Address: 23 Belham Road, Peterborough
Working Dates: c.1921
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1921 census Dorothy was living with her parents at 23 Belham Road Peterborough. She was a photographer working for the Aerial Photo Co, Peterborough.
References: 1921 Census

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