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Links and References

Other sites on identifying and dating old photographs

Roger Vaughan Picture Library - date an old photograph www.cartes.freeuk.com/time/date.htm

RootsWeb pages on dating old photographs http://freepages.family.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~victorianphotographs/

PhotoDetective by Geoff Caulton, full of interesting pointers and research helping you to understand and date photographs from 1901-1953 www.photodetective.co.uk/Index.html

www.cartedevisite.co.uk Photographers of Great Britain and Ireland 1840 to 1940, their photographs and their studios. The site lists 33,000 photographers from the Victorian era and later – up to 1940, 62,000 studio addresses and dates of operation, over 50 fascinating biographies. The site does charge for some information.

Sites on Cambridgeshire Photographers

Mike Petty's site on Cambridgeshire Photographers www.cambridgeshirehistory.com/MikePetty/Photographers.html Mike's checklist is repeatedly cited on this site. His listing is more extensive than this site in that he lists many amateur photographers whose work has been preserved by the Cambridgeshire Collection, while this site lists those photographers whose names and details are more likely to be found on their surviving work, and who may be of greater interest to family and local historians. Also this site covers the whole of the present Cambridgeshire, while Mike's concentrates on the smaller historic County.

Robert Pols' site covering early photographers in Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Leicestershire, Norfolk, Northants, Suffolk and Rutland www.earlyphotostudios.uk

Sites on photographers from elsewhere

Royal Photographic Society Journal Archive

Royal Photographic Society - Researching Historical Photographers

www.cartedevisite.co.uk Photographers of Great Britain and Ireland 1840 to 1940, their photographs and their studios. The site lists 33,000 photographers from the Victorian era and later – up to 1940, 62,000 studio addresses and dates of operation, over 50 fascinating biographies. The site does charge for some information.

Robert Pols' listing of links for other counties www.earlyphotostudios.uk/Links.asp

Photo London www.photolondon.org.uk - London photographers from 1841

Sussex Photo History (www.photohistory-sussex.co.uk/) This excellent site has national material on StickyBacks and photobooths as well as superbly researched Sussex material.

Photographers & Photographic Studios in Derbyshire, England by Brett Payne, of Tauranga, New Zealand http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~brett/photos/dbyphotos.html

World of Victorian Photographers - covers whole of UK with large alphabetical listing of photographers.

Women Photographers in Victorian Britain - has a growing list of lady photographers.

Sussex Postcards

Photographic Memorabilia - superb site with information on photo processing and much more

Early Cameras, equipment and manufacturers

Searches used in research on this site

Search The National Archives for photographs deposited at Stationers' Hall for copyright purposes

Search The National Portrait Gallery for photographers

Search The Gazette (e.g. for bankrupts, ending of partnerships)

De Montford University - searchable database of exhibitors at RPS Exhibitions 1870 - 1915

De Montford University - searchable database of photographs exhibited in Britain 1839 - 1865

University of Leicester - Historic Directories

Peterborough Ontario Photographers

Fraser Dunford wrote an excellent article on the 60+ professional photographers of Peterborough Ontario: “Peterborough Photographers, 1847-1900” in “The Heritage Gazette of the Trent Valley. Volume 6, number 2, August 2001” at p24, which is available online at: http://trentvalleyarchives.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/2-copy-August-2001.pdf).

Sites with excellent collections of old photographs of Cambridgeshire

There are a number of excellent sites run by Cambridgeshire Community Archive Groups. Unfortunately most of these do not list the photographer for every image. Their sites are as follows:

Other Photographic Sites

Lingua Franca - an online publication establishing a common language for conservators of photographic materials to describe photographic processes, defects etc.

Luminous Lint - a site for those interested in the history of photography

National Media Museum Bradford

V and A Photographic Collection

National Portrait Gallery

Flikr Group- cartes de visite - over 8000 images

Walking Pictures - A site dedicated to commercial photographers photographing mainly seaside holidaymakers.


Bernard and Pauline Heathcote, "A Faithful Likeness - The First Photographic Portrait Studios in the British Isles 1841-1855", published by Heathcote, 2002

Oliver Mathews "The Album of Carte-de-Visite and Cabinet Portrait Photographs 1854-1914" London 1974

R.E.Young, St Neots in Old Picture Postcards, European Library, 1983 ISBN 9 02882581 9

Bob Burn-Murdoch and Ken Ballard, The Changing Face of St Ives, Friends of the Norris Museum 1993 ISBN 0 9507209 6 8

Michael Rouse, The Villages of Old Cambridgeshire - A Portrait in photographs and old picture postcards, SB Publications 1989 ISBN 1 870708 25 3

Anthony Day, Wicken, A Fen Village in Old Photographs SB Publications 1990 ISBN 1 870708 44 X

Anthony Day, Fen and Marshland Villages. A Portrait in old photographs and picture postcards. SB Publications 1993 ISBN 1 85770 041 4

Anthony Day and Michael Rouse Soham and Wicken through time and Soham and Wicken Through Time a second selection Amberley Publishing, ISBN 978 1 84868 667 0 and 978-1-84868-945-9

Michael Pritchard A Directory of London Photographers 1841-1908, Photo Research, Watford ISBN 0 9523011 0 5


www.FadingImages.uk is a non-commercial web site for local and family historians, listing photographers in Cambridgeshire 1840-2000
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