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 Sepia photograph of unknown group at Emmanual College Cambridge



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Fading Images - Cambridgeshire Photographers 1840-2000 - An Introduction

This site is a resource for:

  1. family historians wishing to find out more about their family photographs which originated in Cambridgeshire,

  2. local historians wanting to find out more about Cambridgeshire photographs and photographers.

We hope that information here will be helpful to anyone interested in dating old photographs, the work of the many professional photographers who once lived or worked within the present County of Cambridgeshire.

This is a non-commercial site dedicated to the photography of the past. Old photographs are a fascinating part of our heritage. Often these gems become separated from their roots. Perhaps they are lost, discarded, or possibly unwanted personal effects after a death in the family. Sometimes they end up in a skip, at an antique dealer's, a charity shop or boot sale. Unwanted, unidentified and undervalued, they deserve better treatment. Here we try to rescue some of these gems, to identify them and unite them with someone who knows and cares about the location, people or events depicted. Please see current mystery photos. If you recognize a location or image please drop us an e-mail

In addition to many biographies, you will find original material on the site relating to local photographic societies, the records of the long running studio at Post Office Terrace Cambridge, stickyback and other small format and automatic portraiture.

If you have any old photographs or negatives from Cambridgeshire or information about Cambridgeshire photographers which you are willing to share with others, please contact webmaster@fadingimages.uk. We are always interested in scans of images to illustrate the work of photographers listed here and are only too pleased to acknowledge the source of any images used.

If you were part of the photographic scene in Cambridgeshire before 2000, perhaps working as a professional photographer, or in photographic sales, or developing and printing work, and have stories you would like to tell and experiences you are willing to share, then please get in touch.

The site is a work in progress and represents the present state of our knowledge. We apologise for any errors not yet spotted or corrected.


The identity of this beautiful lady and the name of the
photographic artist who created her image - sadly all lost

Our Blog will give you an idea of progress in developing the site and current research. Latest postings listed below:

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www.FadingImages.uk is a non-commercial web site for local and family historians, listing photographers in Cambridgeshire 1840-2000
This page was last modified: 01 May 2023, 14:28

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