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Who Were The Stickyback Photographers in Wales?

In the information below we have tried to identify stickyback photographers across the UK, mainly from information gleaned from local newspapers. But many of these photographers would not have used newspapers to advertise, preferring instead to advertise extensively at their premises. Others will not have advertised and may only become known through surviving examples of their work. Survivals of sticky back photos are not that common due mainly to their small size and confusion with later photo booth images. This is a work in progress and much more awaits discovery - we welcome any additional information on "Sticky Backs" which you may come across.

Stickyback photographers have so far been found in: Bangor, Carnarvon, Pontypridd and Shotton


Address: Bangor - address not currently known
Possible practitioner: Not known, trading as "The Original Sticky Backs"
Operating dates: 1906
References: Belfast Telegraph Wednesday 25 July 1906 p1. "12 photographs taken by Electroscope for sixpence. The original Sticky Backs 146 North Street, Belfast and Bangor"


Address: 22 High Street, Carnarvon
Possible practitioner: Not currently known
Operating dates: 1914
References: Liverpool Echo - Friday 12 June 1914 p8. "Photography. Bromide printer, stickybacks; permanency. Photographer, 22 High Street, Carnarvon"


Address: High Street, Pontypridd
Possible practitioner: GROSSI, Spiridione
Operating dates: 1915
References: The Western Mail, Friday 09 April 1915 p10 reported: “Pontypridd Photographer Summoned. Spiridione Grossi, photographer, of High Street, Pontypridd, was summoned at Porth on Thursday for obstructing the footway by causing a crowd to collect thereon. Evidence was given that number of people were outside defendant’s shop Sunday last looking at photographs in the window. Mr. D. Rees, Pontypridd, submitted that there must lie proof that there was some physical obstruction by defendant himself. Defendant did his best to keep the footway clear, and engaged a man specially for that purpose. The Stipendiary (Mr D. Lleufer Thomas) reserved his decision.


Address: Chester Road, Shotton, near the Picture Palace
Possible practitioner: Individual not currently known, trading as The Midland Photo Co
Operating dates: 1917
References: Chester Chronicle - Saturday 18 August 1917 p4 and Liverpool Daily Post Friday 24 August 1917 p8. Notiification of the sale of equipment from the Midland Photo Co who were closing their Cambrian Studio at Chester Road, Shotton, near the Picture Palace, Flintshire. Sale items included Gossi's (sic) patent sticky back repeating back slide and camera and Gossi's patent sticky back and postcard printer.

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