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Old Photographs - Cambridgeshire Photographers - Wi - Wz

Photographers are listed alphabetically by surname on the following pages.

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Name: WICKS, Harry Warren b: 1867 Chesterton, Cambridge d: 1945 Middlesex
Address: 52 Herbert Street, Cambridge
Working Dates: c. 1888 - possibly c.1899 Cambridge then Oxford and Middlesex
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1881 census Harry Warren Wicks, then aged just 14 was a clerk to an architect and was living with his parents at 4 Bradwells Yard Cambridge. His father, Henry Wicks b: 1840 Cambridge, was a bookbinder; his mother, Sarah b: 1837 Cambridge, was a college bedmaker. In the 4th quarter of 1888 Harry married Annie Elizabeth Raven b: 1863 Chesterton, Cambridge. In 1891 Harry was listed as a photographer, an employee, living at 52 Herbert Street, Cambridge with his wife Annie Elizabeth and son Harry Raven Wicks, b: 1890 Chesterton; also present Elizabeth Bain b: 1871, Peterborough a visitor. We do not at this stage know who employed Harry in Cambridge, but he had family connections with two organisations using photographers: his brother, Thomas Frederick Wicks, was employed by the Cambridge Daily News from 1888 until his death as their chief cashier in 1933 and his father, Henry Wicks, was reported as a long term employee at the Cambridge University Library when he died in 1913. By 1901 Harry and his family had moved to Oxford and were living at 62 Kingston Road. Harry was listed by the enumerator as Henry W Wicks. Also present were his wife Annie, Son Harry Raven and additional children Reginald Hugh, b: 1897 Cambridge and Gordon R b: 1900 Oxford . Also present were two visitors, William J Delph, fruiterer, employer b: Canada and his wife, Ellen b: Norwich, plus a male boarder. Harry's occupation was listed as a process photographer. In 1911 the family was living at St Just Villa, Warwick Road, West Drayton Middlesex. Unfortunately son Gordon had died in 1908. Sons Harry and Reginald were still living with their parents. Harry was shown as a photographic chemist and Harry Jnr was a photographic operator, both were employed by the Rotary Photographic Co. The Rotary Photographic Co, established 1901, had its HQ at Mortimer House, Mortimer Street, London, W1 and its works at West Drayton, Middlesex. It was a huge publisher of real photo postcards. In 1921 Amalgamated Photographic Manufacturers Ltd was formed (as APM 1921) and brought together seven British companies: these included Rotary Photographic Co and Marion and Co - whose name appears many times on this site as the manufacturers of mounts for cartes de visite. In 1928 A new organisation was formed, called APeM (Amalgamated Photographic Equipment Manufacturers ), again including Rotary Photographic Co and Marion and Co. In 1929 APeM became part of Ilford. When Harry Warren Wicks died in 1945, probate was given to his oldest son, Harry Raven Wicks, who was then a RAF Sergeant and photographer.
References: Grace's Guide To British Industrial History, England census 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911. Family history information provided by Terry Raymond.

Address: 257 Eastern Avenue, Peterborough
Working Dates: c. 1995
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: weddings, portraits, functions, pets and babies
References: Peterborough Yellow Pages 1995

Name:  WIDNALL, Samuel Page    b: 1826 Grantchester     d: 1894
Address: Grantchester Cambs - 1861 The Grange, 1871- The Old Vicarage
Working Dates: 1866 - 1890?
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Samuel Page Widnall was born and spent his life in Grantchester. He was a nurseryman in 1851. From 1853 to 1894 he owned the Old Vicarage, Grantchester. By 1861 he was a farmer employing 7 men and 3 boys. In 1871 he was farming 78 acres with 5 men and 3 boys. By 1881 he was a retired farmer. Upon his retirement, in Grantchester, he set up a private press at his house, the Old Vicarage, Grantchester, which he called "The Widnall Press", where he printed a small number of books, among which was his own, "History of Grantchester in the County of Cambridge". Grantchester (1875). The poet Rupert Brooke once lived at The Old Vicarage at Grantchester, which is today the home of novelist Jeffrey Archer. From around the 1850s Samuel developed an interest in photography, which presumably was a secondary activity alongside his other work and interests. The carte de visite below is from The Simpson Family Archive and is believed to date from around 1866, although the bowler hats may point to a later date. The mount has square corners and bears a garter design with the text "S.P.Widnall, photographer, Grantchester, Cambridge".
References: The Cambridge Evening News 8 October 1982 carried an article about the chance discovery of a few of Widnall's glass negatives in Grantchester.
Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society Vol 2 No 5 1958 p366-372 Samuel Page Widnall and his Press at Grantchester 1871-1892 by Bruce Dickins.

Group portrait by SP WidnallReverse of SP Widnall carte

WILCOX, Reg - See Brittania Studios

Name:  WILKIN, Henry Martin.   b:1861 Little Downham d: 1935 Ely
Address: Haddenham Cambridgeshire 1890s
Working Dates: This photographer is only known because of the survaval of one of his cabinet photographs shown below (author's collection). Henry Martin Wilkin was the youngest son of Martin Wilkin b: 1816 at Wilburton, a farmer at 100 ft Bank, Little Downham with 260 acres in 1881 and employing 6 men 1 boy and 2 women. Henry was shown as a farmers son in the 1881 census. Henry's father died in 1886. By 1891 Henry was still living at home, then in High Street Haddenham, his mother, Elizabeth b:1819 Haddenham, then being a widow. His occupation was shown as a farmer. In 1894 Henry married Emily Sutton b: 1866 Stretham and by 1901 Henry and Emily were living at Ivy House, Aldreth where Henry was shown as a farmer and an employer. In 1911 the couple were still living in Aldreth, Henry was still a farmer, but also an Officer of the Haddenham Level Commissioners.
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: It would seem that photography was a secondary occupation for Henry Wilkin, farmer. From the address of Haddenham on the surviving photograph below he may have been practicing photography in the early 1890s. Below is a cabinet photograph of a young boy and a baby. The photograph is taken outdoors with the baby seated on a chair. The mount is a white glossy card with gilt bevel edges and beneath the image is stamped by what appears to be two rubber stamps. "Henry M Wilkin" and "Haddenham Isle of Ely." The detail has been enhanced in photoshop in the second picture in order to make it readable. The reverse of the mount is blank.
References: England Census 1881,1891,1901,1911

Cabinet Photograph of 2 children by Henry M Wilkin, Haddenham

Detail of Wilkin Cabinet Photo

Name:  WILKINS, Jeffrey    b: 1860 Chatteris  d:1936 Ipswich
Address: Park Lodge Studio, Chatteris
Working Dates: 1880s
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: No directory entries found. A single carte de visite, probably from the 1880s, was offered for sale on the www.delcampe.net site from April 2015-Feb 2016. The reverse of the mount reads "Park Lodge Studio, Jeffrey Wilkins, Chatteris. This or any other likeness or picture copied and enlarged to any size. You can have more of these by sending the following number". Jeffrey Wilkins was the son of Joseph Wilkins, b.1829 Chesham Bucks, a baptist minister living in 1861 in Chatteris, and Esther Wilkins b.1832 Hatley St George, Cambs. He was the fourth of nine children in the family. It appears that Jeffrey's father's ministry took him to posts in Watford and Ipswich (birth places of his children). In 1871 the family, including Jeffrey, were living in Watford and Joseph was the baptist minister at Soho Chapel, 406 Oxford St London NW. Joseph Wilkins obviously had some ongoing connection with Chatteris as in 1879 he was in a dispute there with another Chatteris Photographer, William Cox, about parking a cart. Joseph Wilkins was then described as "late baptist minister at Chatteris Zion Baptist Chapel". In 1881 Jeffrey's parents and his siblings were all resident at Chapel House Wattisham, Suffolk. Jeffrey however was a boarder at 67 West Street, Bromley, Kent and was listed in the 1881 census as a photographer. (His details are incorrectly transcribed from the original as Jeffrey Welkins). He was boarding with an Irish jobbing gardener, David Wakefield, and his wife Rebecca. In 1891 Joseph was the baptist minister at Sherington, Buckinghamshire. No trace of Jeffrey can be found in the 1891 census. In 1901 Jeffrey was living in Derbyshire at 40 Market Street, Buxton, Derbyshire as a boarder. At the same address, his younger brother, Arthur John Wilkins, b:1869, Watford, was also boarding; both brothers were listed as photographers - workers employed by others. By 1911 Jeffrey had returned to London. He was living at 6 Limes Grove, Lewisham, Kent and was shown as a photographer and an employer. It appears that his brother, Arthur John Wilkins, practiced as a photographer at 65 St Johns Street, Bury St Edmunds in 1894-5. Jeffrey Wilkins is listed as a photographer in the Kelly's Suffolk Directory of 1908 at 4 Westgate Street, Ipswich.
References: Kelly's Suffolk Directory 1908. For A.J. Wilkins - Bury Free Press - 4/8/1894, Kelly's Suffolk Directory 1896


Name:  WILKINSON, David  b:       d:
Address: 1982-1995 at 1A Marshall Road, Cambridge. By 2000 was at 204 Chesterton Rd Cambridge
Working Dates:  1982 – to at least 2000 – a number of online directories suggest the firm is still in business in 2016
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: industrial and commercial advertising, audio visual, portraiture
References: Cambridge Yellow Pages 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1990, 1995 1997, 1998, 2000

Name:  WILKINSON, William     b:1858 Whittlesey       d: 1909
Address: High Causeway, Whittlesey 1888
Working Dates: 1888-1900
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: William was listed in the local directory as a Chemist and Druggist and Photographer in 1888. In 1891 the census return shows William at The Causeway Whittlesey as a chemist. His family at that time comprised: wife Sarah b:1863 Lowestoft, son Charles Halls b:1888 Whittlesey, daughter Alice Sarah b:1889 Whittlesey and son Ralph William b:1891 Whittlesey. William was a Chemist and Druggist and photographer and Depot for British and Foreign Bible Society in 1900. In 1901 William and his family were in Market Harborough where he was a chemist in the High Street. The family had grown with the additions of: son Frank H b:1895 Whittlesey and daughter Eleanor M b: 1898 Whittlesey. There is an example of his work on the Chatteris Community Archive site at: http://chatteris.ccan.co.uk/content/catalogue_item/rosa-peggs-daughter-of-daniel-sarah-ann-peggs-nee-bishop-a-chatteris-family. See below two cartes de visite by William Wilkinson (author's collection). The dress of the subjects and settings suggest that the photograph of the lady is from the 1860s and of the child is from the 1870s. The photographs may therefore be copies of earlier images done in the 1880s/90s. The mounts are both backstamped with the same large rubber stamp. Below this is a carte de visite of an unknown seated lady. The mount is black with gilt border and printing. On the face of the carte is printed "W.Wilkinson Causeway Whittlesea", with a "WW" monogram. The reverse has the text "W.Wilkinson High Causeway, Whittlesea, negatives kept, copies or enlargements can always be had, views of the neighbourhood always on hand. pictures framed." The reverse has a design which appears to be a leaning signboard, camera on tripod and various darkroom chemicals and apparatus. There is no mention of Wilkinson being a chemist on this carte, the text concentrated on photographic issues. This is probably a later carte than those above it with a greater concentration on the photographic side of the business.

References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Kellys Directory of Cambridgeshire 1888-1900

two carte de visites by Wilkinson, possibly copies of earlier photographs from the 1860s / 1870s

backstamp used on Wilkinson cartes de visite

Photography themed carte de visite by W.Wilkinson

Name:   WILLIAMS, Ray, Studios
Address: 1 Broad Street, March
Working Dates: c. 1977
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information:
References: Peterborough Yellow Pages 1977

Name:  WILLIAMSON, John Arthur b: 1868 Kilburn  d: 1915
Address: Garton End, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough
Working Dates: incl 1911
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: David Simkin, http://photohistory-sussex.co.uk spotted this self employed photographer in the 1911 Census returns. Not found in earlier census returns.
References: No further information at this stage.

Name:  WILLING(D)ALE, Edith, Miss  b:       d:
Address: 2 East Park Street Chatteris
Working Dates: 1922-29
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Nothing known at present about this photographer other than the directory entries below.
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Kellys 1922-29

Name:   WILLIS, Ada Louisa b: 1879 Chatteris      d: 1961 Chatteris
Address: High Street Chatteris
Working Dates: c.1901?
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: There is a 1901 school group photograph on the Cambridgeshire Community Archive Chatteris website by Ada Willis here: http://chatteris.ccan.co.uk/content/catalogue_item/new-road-boys-school-1901 Ada was the daughter of John Willis below. In the 1901 census Ada Louisa was listed as a photographic artist, working on her own account from the family home in the High Street at Chatteris. Also in 1901 she married Archie Robert Harrison Fenn (1875-1940) In 1911 the couple were living in Canterbury, Archie was an engineer and Ada had no occupation.
Not yet found in trade directories

Name:   WILLIS, John b: 1852 Ely       d: 1915
Address: High Street Chatteris
Working Dates: c.1891 - 1911?
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: John Willis is listed as a printer in High Street Chatteris in 1881. He is listed in the 1891 Census as printer and photographer, an employer, living in High Street Chatteris. Living with the family was a boarder, a photographer and an employee Albert Edwards b:1867 Swansea. The rest of his family comprised his wife Selina Boyce Willis b:1846 Ely, daughter Ada L Willis b1879 Chatteris, daughter Alice M Willis b: 1881 Chatteris . William J Willis b: 1884 Chatteris. In 1901 John was listed as a printer and stationer in the High Street at Chatteris. In 1901 their daughter Ada Louisa was listed as a photographic artist on her own account working from home. By 1911 John was shown in the census as an auctioneer and printer. The first illustration below is a midget carte de visite 40 x 77mm of an unknown man with a high collar. On the face of the carte is printed "J Willis Chatteris", with some sort of stylised line of vegetation beneath the type. The reverse of the carte is blank. This is most likely from the 1890s and is reproduced with the permission of Ron Cosens (www.cartedevisite.co.uk). The next carte de visite from the author's collection of a young girl by John Willis, the reverse of the mount is blank, the face records "John Willis Photographer, Chatteris". Below this is a third studio cabinet photograph of either two sisters or mother and daughter, which seems to be from the 1890s The text on the face of the mount states "John Willis Chatteris" and in line with the text is an image of a bird of prey in a sprig of oak. The significance of this logo is not known. The design of the mount seems a little more deveoped than the first two examples, so it is probably the more recent of the three designs. The reverse of the third cabinet photo is also blank. Another example of the work of John Willis can be found on the Chatteris Community Archive site at http://chatteris.ccan.co.uk/content/catalogue_item/photograph-of-an-unidentified-male-by-john-willis-photographer-chatteris-photograph-kindly-donated-by-c-pope
References: Not yet found in directories

Cabinet photograph by John Willis


Address: Hills Road Studio, Cambridge
Working Dates: 1890s ?
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: We only know of the existence of this firm because of the survival of one of their cabinet photographs - shown below. The photograph depicts a girl in her early teens in an elaborate dress with wide brimmed hat and carrying a lace decorated basket. Many shells are sewn onto the costume. This might be from a stage production, some sort of pageant or simply fancy dress. Overall this gives the appearance perhaps of a late 19th century piece. Beneath the image on the face is "Wilson & Field, Photographers, Hills Road Studio, Cambridge". The reverse of the carte has no identification of the photographer referring instead to "Portraits of every description enlarged - artistic photography - all negatives kept - additional copies can always be obtained"
References: There is no trace of the firm in local trade directories. From the name and the address it seems likely that the Field part of the partnership was Ebenezer Field, a Chemist and Druggist who had his shop at 16 Hills Road, opposite St Paul's Church, later at 30 Hills Road - which might possibly have been the same premises re-numbered. There was an "E. Field" who was recorded as a local photographer involved in organising a photographic convention in Cambridge in 1902, Cambridge Independent Press 11/7/1902. There were two other addresses in Hills Road Cambridge used as photographic studios. In the late 1880s No 28 Hills Road was listed as an address used by the Cambridge photographer Valentine Blanchard. In the 1891 census No 38 Hills Road was noted as being used as a photographic studio - no residents were recorded. In the Kellys Directories of Cambridgeshire, 38 Hills Road was the studio of William Edelstein in 1891 and 1892.

Cabinet photograph by Wilson and FieldReverse of Wilson and Field cabinet photograph

Name:  WILSON, J. A.  b:       d:
Address: 237 Gladstone Street, Peterborough
Working Dates: 1922
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: No trace found of this photographer to date other than the directory entry for 1922.
References: The Peterborough Directory 1922

Name:   WILSON, Mike b:       d:
Address: 233 Lincoln Road, Peterborough
Working Dates: c. 1990 - 1995
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: weddings
References: Peterborough Yellow Pages 1990, 1995

Name:   WILSON, Tom Smith b:1877 Peterborough  d:1933 Peterborough
Address: 541 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, Lincoln Road Studio, 543 Lincoln Road Peterborough in June 1908 and 1922
Working Dates:1891-1931
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1891 Census Tom was listed as a photographer's apprentice living at Lucinda Terrace, New England, Peterborough with his widowed mother, dressmaker Mary A Wilson b: 1845 at Werrington Peterborough and his brother Arthur A Wilson b:1873 Peterborough, a painter's apprentice. The 1901 census shows Tom as an "artistic photographer" living with his widowed mother at 338 Lincoln Road Peterborough. In 1911 Tom was at 543 Lincoln Road, a photographer working on his own account living with his wife Georgina b:1872 Peterborough and son Kenneth Tom b: 1909 Peterborough. Local trade directories list Tom as a photographer working on his own account between 1903 and 1931.

Two of Tom's photographs are registered at Stationers' Hall for copyright, in both cases the copyright being assigned to a local vicar, whose church they depicted. These were:
1) Photograph (combination) of the interior of Saint Paul's Church, Peterborough, showing new Rood Screen and the Reverend A F Maskew in the top right hand corner (bust, nearly profile face). Copyright owner and author of work: Tom Smith Wilson, Lincoln Road Studio, 543 Lincoln Road, Peterborough. Date of agreement or assignment: 9th June 1908. Names of parties to agreement: Tom Smith Wilson and Arthur Fairclough Maskew. Form completed: 18 June 1908. TNA COPY 1/522/225.
2) Photograph of the interior of St Pauls Church, Peterborough. Copyright owner and author of work: Tom Smith Wilson, 541 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, Northamptonshire. Date of agreement or assignment: 14 October 1908. Names of parties to agreement: Arthur Fairclough Maskew, John Threlfall and Tom Smith Wilson. Form completed 14 October 1908. COPY 1/526/212

The first image below is a cabinet photograph of a middle aged cleric. The mount is on grey/green textured card with black printing "T.S.Wilson New England Peterborough" and a "W" monogram. The cleric depicted can be identified from other online images as being The Rev Arthur Fairclough Maskew, mentioned above. The New England address, and the apparent age of Rev Maskew, who was born in 1854, probably puts this photograph into the mid 1890s. The next example is a carte de visite from Simon Shirley's collection, is a vignette portrait of an unknown attractive young woman with pearl necklace, probable from around 1905/10, it is on a dark green enameled mount with gilt lettering on the face, "TS Wilson, Lincoln Road, Millfield, Peterborough". The reverse is blank. Below that is a photograph of floral tributes on a grave. The reverse of this is a postcard back with the name "T.S.Wilson, Lincoln Road, Peterborough" printed thereon. A previous owner has added to the reverse "Uncle Jack's Grave".

References: Kelly's Directory of Northamptonshire 1903, 1906, 1910, 1914, 1920, 1924, 1928, 1931
The Peterborough Directory 1922, 1925, 1927,

Cabinet photo of Rev Arthur Fairclough Maskew

Carte de visite, TS Wilson
Reverse of TS Wilson postcard

Name:   WILSON, William Frost b:1859 Duxford Cambs      d:
Address: Duxford
Working Dates: 1896
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: An 1896 advertisement states “Established over half a century, photographer, grocer, draper, boot and shoe dealer and provision merchant” In 1881 William was living in Northampton with his wife Annie and working in the shoe making industry. In 1891 William was a photographer and Grocer in Chapel Street Duxford Cambs, living with his wife Annie b:1858 Derbyshire and his son Robert John b:1882 Northamptonshire. In 1901 William was living in Saffron Walden at 6 Gold Street. He was a photographer and an employer. His son Robert John Wilson worked for him as a photographer. In 1911 he was living at 9 Birds Hill Letchwworth with his son and they were both listed as photographers.
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Kellys Directory of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, Kelly and Co London Sept 1896
Cambridgeshire Collection’s Carte de Visite Collection c.65.5 has two cabinet photographs by Wilson

Address:  39 West Street, Wisbech, then 1 Market Street, Wisbech 1966-67
Working Dates: c.1956 - 1967
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: See MEARS, T. Derrick C Plume of Studio Margaret mentions Alan Chislett as the occupier of 39 West Street, Wisbech, "L.A.Winfield-Chislett photographer. Alan Chislett, “Chissy” to just about everyone, moved here in 1956 taking portraits and weddings, helped by Bob Bainbridge. He often over-booked on Saturday and rang us urgently to help with a wedding which he could not cover. A great entertainer, he went to Boston to compere dances with Mavis and I. We set up a small studio on the landing of the dance floor and took pictures of the dancers as they relaxed.  He had a shop at Holbeach and I often gave him a lift home. He then retired from social photography and took over the Fort St George PH in Cambridge".
References:  Eastern Counties of England Trades Directory 1966-67.
Derrick C Plume, "Ramblings of a Wisbechian - 60 years of events in Wisbech of a local family from approximately 1924 to 1983" p84.

Name:  WISBEY, Ena Lily, Née LOVELY b: 2/11/1907 d: 1985    
Address: 99 Burma Road, Peterborough
Working Dates: 1939
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Ena was listed in the 1939 Register in her maiden name Lovely at the above address, occupation Photographer's assistant. She was living with her parents, Herbert J Lovely b: 5/8/1877, a wood machinist and Lily R Lovely b: 28/4/1880. In 1946 she married Charles G A Wisby at Peterborough.
References: 1939 Register.

Name:  WITCOMBE, Edwin Lawrence, b: 1887 Bath, Somerset d: 1963. Traded as E.Lawrence Witcombe Ltd       
Address: 7 Nene Quay Wisbech: home address in 1939 3 Westmeade Ave, Wisbech.
Working Dates: 1934-1947 in Cambs
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Little is known at this stage about this firm which had a 1937 local trade directory entry. Lawrence is mentioned in the recollections of fellow photographer Derrick C.Plume (of Studio Margaret, Wisbech) in his book Ramblings of a Wisbechian, 1993. "Lawrence Witcombe opened his shop and studio 16th February 1934, thus breaking the monopoly enjoyed by Ream's. Fresh from RAC Publications and with a testimonial from Capt A.M.Gage, I applied for a job as a photographer. Unfortunately Mr Witcombe had a staff of two and needed no extra persons. In any case he told me he was retiring soon, which he did, then moved to Portlock". He added, "In 1947 we bought equipment of retired photographer Lawrence Witcombe in White's Auction for a few pounds. A drum of Hypo lasted several years and a Leitz accessory sold to a Kings Lynn dealer recovered the total cost". In "Lilian Ream A Life In Photography" by Kim Bowden, Cambs CC, 1992, p77, the chapter on Roland Ream, the son of Wisbech photographer Lilian Ream states, "At the end of the war Roland had returned full of ideas for expanding the business in the field of cine films. In 1946 the lease on the separate dress shop had expired and he took it over as an independent business called "Roland Ream Cine Service". He had always been interested in cine photography and was in the fortunate position of being able to build a business from his hobby. The shop sold cine cameras and projectors, sold, developed and printed films and carried out equipment repairs. Schools from a wide area became important customers for the sale and maintenance of visual aid equipment. Roland also hired commercially produced films and would show them to local groups and at private parties. He was assisted by John Day, who had previously worked for E.Lawrence Witcombe Ltd, the portrait and commercial photographers at 7 Nene Quay who were also accredited dealers for Gebescape and Pathe cine apparatus. John Day, b:1913, appears in the 1939 Register, living at 164 Lynn Road, Wisbech, a photographic studio operator. E.Lawrence Witcombe appears to have operated as a photographer from Clarence Street, Kingston in the 1920s. On 1 September 1928 the Western Daily News p8 carried an article about a mystery handbag containing human bones being investigated by police. There was a photograph in the bag by E.L. Witcombe, who then helped the police by identifying the sitter. In May 1934, while on a routine assignment photographing the Wisbech Mayor taking to the air as a passenger in a light aircraft, Lawrence was an eye witness to the aircraft crashing on take-off, injuring the Mayor and another passenger. (Thanks to Garry Monger for this reference from Nottingham Journal - Friday 25 May 1934 p1)
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Kellys Directory of Cambridgeshire 1937
"Lilian Ream A Life In Photography" by Kim Bowden, Cambs CC, 1992, p77
Ramblings of a Wisbechian, 1993, p27 and p57
1939 Register
Nottingham Journal - Friday 25 May 1934 p1

Name:  WORDEN, John b: 1822 South Petherton Somerset d:       
Address: March, Wisbech
Working Dates: c. 1853-54
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Cambridge Chronicle and Journal - Saturday 05 March 1853 p6 In a comprehensive report on the Wisbech Exhibition Exhibition, the paper noted there were "some choice calotypes by Mr Craddock of Wisbech, and Mr. Worden, of .March." also on display was an "extensive collection of conchological specimens and minerals, contributed Mr. S. Smith" and "several fine busts and statuettes under glass shades (Mr E.Johnson and others)". The Cambridge Chronicle of 9 April 1853, p.8. carried a letter to the editor, from a John Worden, supporting allegations by Rev James Young of Whittle End, March, that a black speaker, Mr B.Benson, who had recently lectured on 'American Slavery' in a number of Cambridgeshire locations, including at March on 15th April 1853, was a bogus collector of alms which he claimed were for the Seamen's Christian Friend Society of London. The Cambridge Independent Press - Saturday 28 May 1853 reported: "Wisbech, Photography. Mr Worden, whose portraits were so much admired in the Public Hall Exhibition, is now for a short time attending at the Public Hall professionally, and those who would wish a life-like portrait of themselves, or their friends, should avail themselves of the opportunity as the likenesses are excellent and the charges reasonable." The Hull Advertiser and Exchange Gazette - Friday 29 July 1853 p1 carried an advertisement "The new Portrait. Photographic Rooms 76 Lowgate [Hull]. Mr Worden (succeeding Mr Bullock) invites inspection of his specimens, superior to Daguerreotypes in artistic effect, durability, facility of reproduction, distinctness, ease and portability, at half the price. Duplicates 2s and 2s6d each. Mr Worden has practiced the Daguerreotype and all the processes and uses the Apparatus exhibited by Ross, the first maker in the world, at the Crystal Palace." The Illustrated London News - Saturday 24 September 1853 p17 acknowledged that engravings had been made from photographs by Mr John Worden of Hull. The Hull Packet - Friday 25 November 1853 p1 carried advertisements to the effect that John Worden was leaving Hull and ghad disposed of his apparatus to his pupil Mr Alex M Boyd 76 Lowgate, Hull, which was Worden's late temporary residence. A number of advertisements in the Cambridgeshire local press in 1854 list the agents for the British Protector Mutual Life Assurance Co and show one of the local agents for March as "Worden, Photographic Artist" But had Worden left Hull or simply given up his business? The Hull Advertiser and Exchange Gazette on Saturday 28 October 1854 p4 listed the forthcoming lectures for the Hull Mechanics Institute. These included, on 14th Nov 1854, Mr J Worden photographist on "Photography or sun pictures and the stereoscope (with illustrations)". The programme gave no address for Mr Worden, but not all the speakers were local to Hull, one had a London address and another was from Leeds.

The closest match for Worden which can be found in the 1851 census is John Warden, 29 year old schoolmaster, son of a Wesleyan Minister, born in South Petherton, Somerset. This is a mis-spelling of the surname, which in other entries is recorded as 'Worden'. John's wife was a local woman, Betsy Cole, born in Wimblington in 1816, and in 1851 they had three children, Lucy aged 4, Annie, 2 and Emily under 7 months. John and Betsy were married in 1845 in North Witchford. It seems likely that some time after 1851 John Worden learned the art of photography and changed profession into photography. By the 1861 census the family (now recorded as Worden) had moved to Grove Rd Walthamstow Essex. The family had expanded with the addition of a fourth daughter, Harriet aged 9. All four children had been born in March, Cambridgeshire.. By 1861 John's occupation had reverted to education and he was a private tutor. By 1871 John had died and Betsy Worden, widow, was still living at Uxbridge Cottage, Grove Road Walthamstow with daughters Lucy and Emily.

Nothing further known at this stage about this photographer. A Mr Thomas Worden, photographer, b 1828 Camborne, Cornwall, practiced at 41 Grainger Street Newcastle between 1860 and 1870. Connected to him and his photographic business in Newcastle was a Mr C.W.Worden. The same photographer had moved to Uxbridge by 1871 and had his studio broken into at St Andrews, Uxbridge, in March 1878. This Thomas Worden may not be connected to Mr Worden of March
References: Cambridge Independent Press 22/4/1854, 27/5/1854, 10/6/1854, 17/6/1854, 24/6/1854, 8/7/1854 and 15/7/1854.
Newcastle Daily Chronicle 13 Sept 1860 p2, Newcastle Chronicle 17 Sept 1870 p1, Uxbridge and W.Drayton Gazette 23 March 1878 p5.

Name: WRIGHT, F            b:       d:
Address: Wisbech
Working Dates: c.1880
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: one photograph from c.1880 of handbell ringers at Elm church, see ref below.
References: Not found in directories
Powell, Roger and Bell, Robert, Britain in Old Photographs, Wisbech, Alan Sutton Publishing, 1972 Page 114

Name:  WRIGHT, Jasper  James   b:1862 Kings Lynn       d:
Address: 5 Alexandra Road, Wisbech
Working Dates: 1908
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In 1891 Jasper was a photographer and an employer living and working at 125 London Road, Kings Lynn. In 1901 Jasper was living with his large family at 125 and 126 London Road Kings Lynn. He was a photographer and an employer. In 1911 Jasper and his family were at "East Anglia", West Winch Rd, Kings Lynn. He was a photographer and other members of his family working in the business were: wife Emma b:1859 Norfolk; sons Robert William Handel Wright b:1889 Kings Lynn, George b:1895 Kings Lynn; daughter Eliza b:1893 Kings Lynn. The carte de visite below (author's collection) of an unknown lady is mounted on green card with gilt edges and lettering "East Anglian Studios, Jasper J Wright, Kings Lynn, Wisbech, Fakenham." The reverse is blank. The Wisbech and Fakenham Studios were presumably branches opened by the firm at different stages in its growth. Jasper Wright's Wisbech business was bought up by Lilian Ream.
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Kellys Directory of Cambridgeshire 1908

Carte de visite by JJ Wright

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