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Old Photographs - Cambridgeshire Photographers - Gr - Gz

Photographers are listed alphabetically by surname on the following pages.

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Name:  GRAHAM, (Thomas) Percy  b: 1860 Stockton on Tees      d: 1931
Address: (1891 at 14 St Mary's St Bedford.) 75 Ermine Street, Huntingdon
Working Dates: 1887-1890 in Cambridgeshire
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Percy Graham was an established photographer in Bedford when Huntingdon photographer Arthur Maddison died in 1887. Arthur Maddison's widow, Julia, leased Arthur Maddison's Huntingdon business to Percy Graham on condition that he trained her son, Frederick Hinde, in the business. Julia took back the firm in 1890 running it with her son, Frederick Hinde, as "Maddison and Hinde". Frederick Maddison finally took over the business in 1892. Below are a pair of Percy Graham Cartes de visite from around 1884 (the date of a medal mentioned on the reverse of the carte. These pre-date Graham taking over Maddison's firm. Below these is a letterhead from Percy Graham, used in 1888 (reproduced by permission of the Cambridgeshire Archives - accession 4824/14). Below this is a carte de visite of an unknown man with moustache. The reverse of the mount has a vase and plant design and is made by Reeves and Hoare, London, bearing the legend, "Percy Graham, Bedford and Huntingdon" and dates from around 1887. On the face of the mount is printed "Percy Graham Bedford and Huntingdon". Above the two locations is over-printed, or stamped, their third location, St Ives; suggesting this carte dates from their acquisition of premises in St Ives in 1887 or 1888. (Malcolm Fletcher Collection). Below this is a carte de visite portrait of an unknown lady, 1887-1890 with the firm's then three studios listed at Bedford, Huntingdon and St Ives. The reverse of the mount has a bamboo and kingfisher design registered by CE & .C (Malcolm Fletcher Collection). Percy Graham is mentioned in the Bedford Record - Saturday 13 April 1889 p4, from which we can deduce that he was an innovator with a sense of humour. The article remarked on an invention he had made and exhibited at the Photographic Exhibition at the Crystal Palace. The invention was described as a: "striking novelty in a shutter intending to aid in the photographing of children. It is a kind of doll's house which fits in front of the Camera. By pneumatic means, the photographer causes a window in the house to open, and a lively cuckoo, looking like a canary, to come out and utter its well-known cry. While the child is still for an instant, staring at this unexpected phenomenon, the photographer, by means of another pneumatic tube, releases the lens shutter and takes the portrait."
References: Kelly's Directory of Huntingdonshire 1890.
See the excellent article on this site on the Maddison firm by Alexa Cox



Letterhead, Percy Graham

From the Malcolm Fletcher collection - Percy Graham carte de visite showing addition of third studio premises at St Ives.

Percy Graham Carte de visite from the period when he was also running the Maddison businessReverse of Percy Graham Carte de visite from the period when he was also running the Maddison business

Name:  GRAHAM, (Barker) Pollard  b: 1845  Southport    d: 1932
Address: Market Place, Peterborough
Working Dates: At Peterborough 1906-1912
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Barker Pollard Graham was born in 1845 at Southport, Lancashire. In 1871 Graham was an upholsterer in North Meols, Lancashire. By 1881 he had moved to Queen Street Belper, Derbyshire, where he was a photographer. Living with him was his son, James C Graham b: 1869 Southport and his brother in law, Michael Charnock b:1856 Halsall Lancashire who was also a photographer. In 1887 Pollard Graham was advertising as a manufacturer of Derwent Dry Plates, at the Derwent Dry Plate Works, Agard Street, Derby. In later census returns in 1891, 1901 and 1911 he was shown as a photographer. Graham established a network of studios in different towns, including Burslem, Longton, Coventry, Wigan, Rotherham, Burton upon Trent, Lincoln, Belper, Wirksworth, Southport, Leigh, Derby, Burnley, Leigh, Northampton, Kettering, Wellingborough, Luton and Peterborough. In Peterborough he took over the Eastmid Studio in the Market place, formerly run by Harry Marriott.

The first example below is an oval cameo of an unknown woman with crucifix. The mount is cabinet photo size and beneath the photo is the company name, Pollard Graham & Co, with studios at 1 Market Place, Burslem, Royal Studio, Commerce St Longton, City Studio 1 Norton Street, Coventry, and 12a Bridge Street, Northampton. The next example below is a Cabinet photograph of an unknown man in a striped suit. The cream mount has square cut corners and the reverse is blank. Printed on the face is "Pollard Graham Eastmid Studio Market Place Peterboro and Rodney Chambers, Corn Market, Derby". Below this is a later cabinet portrait of an unknown young man by Pollard Graham, c.1910. The mount has a double embossed border and is black at the bottom fading to cream at the top. On the mount is printed: "Pollard Graham, Derby, Burnley Peterboro and Leigh" The rear of the mount is blank. Below this is a further example of a similar cabinet photograph with a different combination of addresses - unless all the studios had a standard issue chair it would seem that this example is from the same studio as the second example above.

References: Photo historian Brett Payne has done a fabulous job piecing together the history of this firm and producing a dated list of their photos and mounts (he has identified and dated nearly 40 variants) - you can find it all here: http://freepages.rootsweb.com/~brett/genealogy/photos/eng/dby/pgraham.html . Interestingly, the firm did not show on their mounts a list of studios locations which grew and then declined as the firm grew and declined. The listing of studio addresses on mounts appears more random, but may show grouping of studios to reflect how the business was organised and managed.
Yearbook of Photography and Photographic News Almanac 1887, p xxxiii.
Kelly's Directory of Northamptonshire 1906
The Peterborough Directory 1907, 1912


Cabinet Photo by Pollard Graham

Cabinte Portrait by Pollard Graham

Pollard Graham Cabinet photograph

Name:  GRAINGER, Albert b: 1885 d: and GRAINGER, Dorothy Née ISSATT  b:1894 d: 1988
Address: Ness Road, Burwell 1923-37, Syncot, High Street Burwell 1939
Working Dates: 1923 -39
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: The Graingers were married in Suffolk in 1922 and set up their photographic business in their cottage in Burwell in 1923. Dorothy did much of the camera work, traveling around by motor cycle. In post war times they advertised nationally offering a postal photographic developing service. Many of their wedding shots appeared in local newspapers including the Bury Free Press. In the 1939 register Albert was still shown as a photographer, Dorothy had no occupation listed. There are 719 of the Graingers' negatives deposited with the Cambridgeshire Collection. These are mainly relating to Burwell, but do include images from nearby, including Newmarket. These appear to date from the 1920s to the 1950s. Only about 20% of these are listed in the Cambridgeshire Collection's main illustration index.
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992.
Mike Petty, An Eye on the Past, Cambridge Weekly News, 4/10/1990
James Frank, “Candid Camera : Dorothy Gainger's unconventional life as a photographer in the early 1900's” 2002. 3pp. : photos.
Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire 1929-1937

Address: 78 Garden Walk, Cambridge
Working Dates: C.1969
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information:
References: Kelly’s Cambridge 1969 (no trace on Companies House search)

Name:  GRAVES, Clement b:1870 Grantchester d: 1951 Cambridge
Address: 46 Victoria Park, Cambridge (1911)
Working Dates: 1891 - 1911 (had retired by 1939)
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1891 Census, Clement was a photographer's assistant, living with his older sister Catherine Graves b: 1868 Cambridge and a younger brother and sister, at Histon Cottage, Histon Road, Cambridge. Both of Clement's parents had died by the time he was 10 years old. In 1901 Clement was boarding at a lodging house in Brunswick Place Cambridge and was employed as a photographic printer. In the 1911 Census Clement is listed as a "photographic printer", a worker, employed by someone else. He was living at 46 Victoria Park Cambridge with his wife Ethel Martha b: 1880 Poole Dorset. In the 1939 Register Clement was listed as a photographer (retired) and was living with his wife Ethel and Jessie Grant b: 1865 retired school teacher, at 46 Victoria Park Cambridge. At the time of his death Clement was living at 127 Mawson Road, Cambridge
References: England Census 1891 - 1911, 1939 Register.

Name:  GRAY, (or GREY) James b:1837 Holywell, Huntingdonshire d: 1903 Plymouth
Address: 13 St Edwards Passage, Cambridge
Working Dates: C.1861- c 1864? in Cambridge, then in Devon until 1903
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1861 census James was listed at the above address, occupation photographic artist, with his wife Elizabeth, a milliner and dressmaker b: 1834 West Wratting Cambridgeshire and their 1 year old son William. By 1871 James had moved to 60 Union Street East Stonehouse, Devon. He was still a photographer, evidently doing fairly well for himself. His family had been enlarged by the addition of Florence b: 1865 Plymouth and son George H. b: 1866 Plymouth. The family had two live-in servants (both from West Wratting) , and lodging with them was another younger photographer Clara Holoway, 15 years old, b: 1856 Plymouth. In 1881 James was still a photographer, and was living at Stuart Terrace, Stoke Damerel, Devonport. With James were his wife Elizabeth and son George H Gray, who was also shown as a photographer. There were no servants living with the family. In 1891, James and Elizabeth were living at East Street East Stonehouse, James was still a photographer and an employer, Elizabeth was working on her own account as a dressmaker. Their son George H Gray was a photographic artist operating at 77 Albert Road Portsea. In 1901 James and Elizabeth were back in Union Street (no 33) at East Stonehouse, James was still a photographer, employing others, and they had a servant living in. James died in 1903. Below is a carte de visite by James Grey, 1860s, mounted on cream card with square corners with his "60 Union Street Stonehouse" address in a scroll design on the reverse.
References: 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 census

Carte de visite by J Grey Stonehouse DevonReverse of carte de visite by J Grey, Stonehouse

Name:  GRAY,  John   Phillip(s)  b: 1869 Cambridge   d: 1957 Cambridge
Address: 34 Trinity Street, Cambridge
Working Dates: 1891-1920
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: John P Gray was the son of a Cambridge bookbinder of the same name b: 1827, resident of Green Street Cambridge. In 1891 Gray was living at his father's house in Green Street Cambridge and was described as a "stationer". In 1901 Gray was married with two children and living at 49 Glisson Road Cambridge and his occupation was shown as "Fancy Stationer". In 1911 Gray was living at 53 Eltisley Avenue, Newnham Croft, Cambridge with his wife and three children and he described himself as a "Master Stationer" employing others. Mike Petty describes him as an Art Stationer and Picture Dealer, trading at 34 Trinity Street 1891-1920; he was also a postcard publisher selling local views of Cambridge, the University and colleges.
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Mike Petty, An Eye on the Past, Cambridge Weekly News, 12/8/1892

Name:  GRAY, Nathaniel James b: 1874 Peterborough     d: 1957 Huntingdonshire North
Address: 171 Cromwell Road Peterborough at least 1891-1899, then 30 Oundle Road, Fletton Peterborough
Working Dates: 1891 - 1911
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Nathaniel was the son of a stonemason, George Gray (b: Oundle 1840). In 1891 Nathaniel, was an apprentice photographer aged 16, living with his father, brother and three sisters at 171 Cromwell Road Peterborough. In 1899 Nathaniel submitted one of his photographs to Stationers' Hall for copyright purposes. This was: Photograph of Threshing Operations, 11 figures - Engine etc & sheep grazing in background, entitled 'Winter Ahead'. Copyright owner of work: Nathaniel James Gray, 171 Cromwell Road, Peterborough, Northamptonshire. Copyright author of work: Nathaniel James Gray, 171 Cromwell Road, Peterborough, Northamptonshire. Form completed: 2 September 1899. TNA COPY 1/442/238. In 1901 Nathaniel was living at 30 Oundle Road Peterborough with his wife, Lucy (b: 1867 Whittlesey), his wife's sister Alice Carter (b: 1861 Whittlesey), and his niece, Nellie Carter (b:1886 Whittlesey). Nathaniel was a photographer working on his own account from his home address and his niece, Nellie Carter, was listed as "Photographer's Assistant". On 4 September 1902 Nathaniel submitted two further photographs to Stationers' Hall: a Photograph (12 x 10) of statue of St Peter without cross taken during restoration of Peterborough Cathedral from West front, TNA COPY 1/457/66 and Photograph (10 x 8) of statue of St Peter and cross taken from the West front of Peterborough Cathedral TNA COPY 1/457/65).

The 1911 Census shows Nathaniel as a boarder at 108 Childers Street Doncaster, the head of the household being Edward Holmes, (b:1882 at Hull, a joiner). Nathaniel was shown as married, and as a photographer - no other members of his family were recorded at this address - suggesting perhaps that on the census night he was away from his normal home for some reason. Nathaniel's wife, Lucy, her two daughters and her sister, were all resident at 80 Walpole Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk on the 1911 census night. An example of Gray's work, a school group from Oundle, can be seen on the Peterborough Images web site at: www.peterboroughimages.co.uk/blog/page/91/

The first example photograph below is a cabinet photograph of Eliza Jane Adams, nee Mason, taken in 1902 by Nathaniel J Gray at his studio at Cherrington Villas, Oundle Road, Fletton, Peterborough. Eliza Jane Adams lived at 1 St Margaret’s Place, Old Fletton in 1901 and by 1911 was at 29 St Margaret’s Road, Old Fletton. Eliza was a child nurse. On her knee is a little girl called Mary Ellen, possibly Mary Ellen Mason. The image is reproduced with the kind permission of Eliza's great great grandson, Adrian Derry, who would be delighted to hear from anyone with further information about the subjects.

The second example below is another rural photograph taken by Nathaniel while resident at 80 Walpole Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, depicting an unknown farmer pumping water from a pond into a horse drawn water cart, date and place unknown. The print is a trimmed half plate mounted on a 10x8 embossed dark green card. The back is rubber stamped “N. GRAY, 80 WALPOLE Rd. GREAT YARMOUTH.”. We are most grateful to Paul Godfrey for this image and permission to use it here. By 1939 Nathaniel was living on his own at 18 Jubilee Place Great Yarmouth. His occupation was shown as "photographer and motor ma?"
References: The only local trade directory entry is Kelly's Directory of Northamptonshire 1903. 1939 Register.

Cabinet photograph by Nathaniel Gray

Rural scene by Nathaniel Gray

Backstamp for Nathaniel Gray

Name:  GREEN, Thomas Newell. b: 1846 Peterborough d: 1918
Address: 6 Milton Street, Peterborough (1881), 3 Sweet Briar Walk Peterborough (1891), Manor House Street Peterborough (1901) and 55 Bright Street Peterborough (1911).
Working Dates: c.1881-1901
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1881 Census Thomas was a photographer living at the above address with his parents and his wife. His father, Thomas W Green b: 1818, London, was a storekeeper. His mother was Elizabeth Green b: 1821 Ramsey Hunts. His wife was Agnes Green b:1848 Norwich. In 1871 Thomas was listed as an artist, painter, and was boarding at 20 Station Street, Darlington, home of a licenced victualler, Anthony Robard. In 1891 Thomas was still a photographer in Peterborough, and an employer. He was living with his wife Agnes at 3 Sweet Briar Walk Peterborough. Also in the household was an apprentice photographer Ernest Doughty b: 1872 Peterborough. In 1901 Thomas was still a photographer in Peterborough working on his own account. He was living in Manor House Street with his wife Agnes. Obviously photography was not providing them with all their income as they had three boarders. By 1911 Thomas was no longer a photographer, but a scenic painter; His wife Agnes was a boarding House keeper and they were living at 55 Bright Street, Peterborough. Thomas does not appear as a photographer in local trade directories, despite his long career in the trade.
References: England Census 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911.

Address: St Johns Fen End, Wisbech
Working Dates: c.1982 - 1986
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: advertising, audio visual, industrial photography.
References: Cambridge Yellow Pages 1982, 1983. Peterborough Yellow Pages 1986. According to Companies House Greenbank Visual Arts Ltd was dissolved in 1992

Name:  GREGORY, Ray
Address: 1971 AT 58 Park Lane Peterborough, 1974 at 127 Eastfield Road, Peterborough also at 58 Park Lane, Peterborough
Working Dates: 1971 - 1974
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: commercial, weddings, industrial, press,
References: Peterborough Yellow Pages 1971, 1974

Name: GRIFFITHS, Ernest Howard. b: 1851 Brecon S Wales, d: 1932
Address: 12 Parkside Cambridge
Working Dates: c.1883
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Son of Rev. Henry, of Bowdon, Cheshire. Entered Sidney Sussex College Cambridge 1870, B.A.1874; M.A. 1877; In 1881 Ernest was living at 12 Parkside Cambridge and was an MA teacher. He was living with his wife, Elizabeth b: Bombay 1853. In 1883 we know that Ernest was actively interested in photography as he exhibited no fewer than 10 photographs at the Annual Exhibition of the Photographic Society of London that year. None of these were of local subjects, the closest being taken in Bury St Edmunds. In 1891 Ernest was on some sort of field trip with a group of Cambridge undergraduates at St Hellier Jersey. In 1901 he and his wife were again at 12 Parkside Cambridge and he was a university lecturer in natural sciences. He does not seem to have had any links with the Cambridge and District Photographic Society. From Cambridge he went on to have an illustrious academic career. The account below is from Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900. Sc.D. 1902. Fellow, 1897; Hon. Fellow. Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, 1905-6, 1909-10, 1917-18. Hon. LL.D., Aberdeen. D.Sc., Victoria and Liverpool. President and Professor of Experimental Philosophy, University College, Cardiff. Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wales, 1903-5, 1909-11, 1915-17. F.R.S.; Member of Council, 1909-11; Hughes medal, 1907. President of Section A of the British Association, 1906, and of Educational Science Section, 1913; General Treasurer. President of S. Wales Institute of Engineers. Died Mar. 3, 1932, at his residence, 5, Selwyn Gardens.
References: Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900.

Name:  GRIFFITHS, Joseph Clifford b: 11/8/1896 Birkenhead, d: 1923 in a flying accident.
Address: University of Cambridge Engineering Department
Working Dates: c.1920-22
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Cliff Griffiths was an aviator who fought in WW1 with the Royal Flying Corps, eventually reaching the rank of Major. Cliff was a pioneering aerial photographer and he worked for a period in Cambridge with Professor Sir Bennett Melvill Jones, Francis Mond Professor of Aeronautical Engineering. He co-authored papers on the movements of an aeroplane in survey flight. While in Cambridge Cliff Griffiths took aerial photographs of the town and countryside. These can be seen online - see link below - and copies are regularly offered for sale on Ebay. On 24th April 1923 Major Griffiths gave a lantern lecture to the Cambridge and District Photographic Club on "Aerial Surveying". He died in a flying accident in Coventry on 20th October 1923. In 1925 Cambridge University Press published ‘Aerial Surveying By Rapid Methods’ by Professor Jones and J C Griffiths, (re-printed in 2015) describing their experiments at Cambridge in producing maps from aerial photographs.
References: www.concertphotos.uk.com/cliffgriffiths/cliffgriffiths.htm a website run by a descendant. Alan Perry.

Name: GRIGGS, Frank Thomas b: 1881 Assington Suffolk  d: 1940 Newmarket
Address: High Street Newmarket 1929-39
Working Dates: 1901-39
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In 1901 Frank was a photographer's assistant, a boarder at the home of a Thomas McEwen in Kingston Passage Newmarket. In 1909 Frank married his wife Emily Elizabeth (b:1875 Burstead Isle of Wight). In 1911 the couple lived in Brackley House, Rous Road, Newmarket. Frank was described as a "photographer's manager", presumably managing someone else's photographic business. It is believed that he worked for Newmarket and St Johns Wood photographer Clarence Hailey. Frank's wife was a dressmaker, working from home on her own account and living with them were a number of single women aged between 18 and 32, one was a book keeper, one a servant and five were dressmakers, presumably employed by Mrs Griggs. Kelly's Directories list Frank as a photographer in his own name at 103 High Street Newmarket from 1929-37. These premises, photographed below in 1939, were formerly occupied by photographer Clarence Hailey and are on a site now occupied by the Post Office. Below this is a photograph from around the same period showing a group of local men talking on the roadside, Frank Griggs is on the right hand side of the group. (both photographs reproduced by kind permission of their owner Peter Norman).
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire 1929-1937.

Frank Griggs Shop 1939

Frank Griggs shop and studio in Newmarket High Street.

Newmarket residents

Group with Frank Griggs on the right

Name: GROOM, D b:       d:
Address: At Mr Wade’s boot and shoe makers in High Street, Wisbech
Working Dates: 1855
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: The Cambridge Independent Press, 4th August 1855, reported: "Photography.—An American photographic artist, Mr. Groom, has taken up his residence at Mr. Wade's, High Street, and is meeting with extensive support, at which we cannot be surprised as his likenesses on glass are of the most beautiful description, the features being free from that metallic glare which usually accompanies such portraits. To those of our readers who wish to possess a truly life-like portrait, at a most reasonable rate, we would cordially recommend a visit to Mr. Groom's establishment, feeling assured they will not leave dissatisfied." In 1855 practicing as a photographer at Mr Wade’s Boot and Shoe Makers in Wisbech. His departure was remarked upon by the Cambridge Independent Press on 3rd November 1855 "Photography.— we notice that Mr.Groom, the celebrated American photographic artist, contemplates leaving the town very shortly, as engagements elsewhere preclude the possibility of a protracted visit. We would strongly advise all those who have not yet paid him a visit to do so at once, or they may never again have the opportunity of procuring lifelike and beautiful portraits, at so trifling a cost. During the past few days, we have had handed for our inspection some fine specimens of likenesses of some of our fellow townsmen, and we must state that, for excellence and beauty of finish, they stand unrivalled. Whenever Mr. Groom makes his exit from the town,he will leave behind him a vast number of his beautiful productions, and will carry with him the good wishes of many friends, who heartily wish him success wherever he may "pitch his tent." " May later have worked as a photographer in Exeter in 1862. A possible relation, J Groom, operated in Spalding and in the 1860s in Shrewsbury.
References: Cambridge Independent Press, 4th August 1855, Heathcote, Bernard and Pauline, A Faithful Likeness. The First Photographic Portrait Studios in The British Isles 1841-55, Cambridge Independent Press 4/8/1855 and 3/11/1855

Name:  GROOMS PHOTOGRAPHY, GROOMS, Patrick   b:       d:
Address: (1980) Wheel Yard, Minster Precincts, Peterborough (1986, 1999) Carren House, 2 Danes Close, Peterborough
Working Dates: 1980 - at least 1999
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: advertising, industrial, exhibition prints, rostrum and slide work
References: Peterborough Yellow Pages 1980, 1986, 1990, 1999

GROSSIGRAPH. A Liverpool company actively targeting Cambridgeshire in April and May 1901 with newspaper advertisements at Cambridge and Peterborough offering very cheap copying of customer's own photos to 1¼ inch size with adhesive backs. See our page on Stickyback photos for more details.

Name:  GROVES, Thomas Thompson (or Thompsett) b: 1829 Penge Surrey      d:1908
Address: Cathedral Studio, Cathedral Gateway Peterborough 1889-92
Working Dates: 1871-92
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Thomas Groves was born in Penge Surrey in 1829. In 1871 Thomas was a photographer living as a lodger at an inn in Botchergate, Carlisle. He was 62 when he appeared in the 1891 Census at 2 New Road Peterborough where he was a boarder with Thomas Thorne and his wife. Thorne was an agent for Pearl Insurance. By 1901 Thomas had retired, he was living from his own means and resident in Eldon Park, Croydon, Surrey, with his wife. He had married in 1892; his wife Jemima Horn née Flowers, from Apthorpe Northants, was 16 years his junior, born in 1845. Thomas cannot be found in the 1861 or 1881 census returns - his photographic career may have extended over more that 20 years in different locations. There was a "T Groves artist and photographer" in Davygate York in the 1860s (see below a carte de visite from the 1860s bearing the legend on the reverse "T Groves photographic artist 27 Davygate, York. Negatives kept copies always to be had"). There was also a photographer TT Groves in Nunn Street, Benalla, Victoria Australia in the 1880s. Neither may be connected.

Below is a cabinet photograph portrait of Sequah, in Fedora hat and fir collared coat from the Simon Shirley collection. This can be accurately dated to 1889 (28th October to 1st November) when Sequah rolled into Peterborough with his Prairie Quack Cure Show and sold patented medicines and his painless rapid dentistry skills to the public. He hired the entire Market Place (now Cathedral Square) for his show - the contemporary note on the back of this photograph reads "Sequah Masseur & Introducer of Oils for Rheumatism" . The reverse of this photograph has a very elaborate scroll design together with a view of the Cathedral. Presumably these portraits were ordered by Sequah for advertising purposes, although there is no advertising on the photograph, in marked contrast to the visiting roadshow. The negative re-order number is 5, suggesting this was one of Groves' first portraits. Perhaps he was cashing in on the celebrity status of this Peterborough visitor by providing souvenir cartes de visite for the public to buy. For some fascinating details about Sequah, whose real name was William Henry Hartley, see www.thequackdoctor.com/index.php/sequah-a-victorian-celebrity-quack/.

Next is a carte de visite vignette portrait of an unknown academic c.1890. Thomas Groves was at the Cathedral Studio following George Caster - the reverse of the carte is of identical design to that used by Caster - only the photographer's name has been changed. The negative number for this image, 4224, suggests that Groves might have continued the number sequence for carte de visite negatives started by his predecessor, Caster. This carte is from the collection of Simon Shirley.

Kelly's Directory of Northamptonshire 1890
The Peterborough Directory (Caster) 1892

Portrait of Sequah by TT GrovesReverse of portrait by TT Groves

Carte de visite, Thomas GrovesReverse of carte by Thomas Groves

Groves of York carte de visite 1860sReverse of Groves of York carte

Name:  GUSCOTT, Percival J.   b:  1892     d:
Address: 523 Lincoln Road, Peterborough
Working Dates: 1939
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Percival is shown at the above address in the 1939 Register and is listed as a commercial photographer. No further details known at this time.

Name:  GUY, A.P.         b:       d:
Address: Cambridge
Working Dates: 1915-25?
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: See below for an example studio portrait of an unknown woman with umbrella, in postcard format. The reverse contains the legend "Photo by A.P.Guy, Cambridge C.C." Cambridge CC could relate to Cambridge Camera Club, which was founded in 1902.
References: No trace found in local directories.

Unknown woman with umbrella by AP GuyReverse of AP Guy portrait

Name:  GWYNNE, Clement Woolley  b:1889 Aston Warwickshire   d: 1974 Poole Dorset
Address: 1912 - Sand St Soham, 1916 - The Studios, Broad Street March and Soham
Working Dates: 1912-16 and beyond

Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Clement was the son of a photographer; David CS Gwynne (b:1861 Breconshire d:1902 Tewkesbury). Wooley was his mother's maiden name. In 1902 his father operated the Abbey Studio in Church Street Tewkesbury where the family lived. David suffered from ill health and died in June 1902. In 1906 Clement and his family were still in Church Street Tewkesbury. In 1911 Clement was boarding at Elizabeth Coy's boarding house in High Street Soham, Cambridgeshire, a photographic artist working from home on his own account. He appears as a photographer in the Cambridgeshire Kelly's Directories of 1912 and 1916.

Nick Smith has identified similar painted backdrops of a window and wood panelling used in portraits by Clement Gwynne and by another March photographer, Frank Austin. This suggests that Clement Gwynne took over Frank Austin's Broad Street March studio. Below is a Clement Gwynne WW1 family portrait, believed to be of 1914-15 vintage, depicting Rose Ellen Clark 1887-1949, her husband Arthur John Adams 1889-1915, who was killed in World War I and their four daughters: Rose 1908-1984, Alice Maud 1910-1970, Olive Lilly 1911-1996 and Florence Mary 1914-1976. This portrait shows the painted backdrop of a window and wood panelling used in a number of Gwynne's portraits. We are most grateful to Gordon Clark, member of Rose Clark's family and owner of the photograph, for permission to reproduce this image.

In 1916 Gwynne married Louisa Lawrence at North Witchford. At some point between 1918 and 1924 Gwynne took over a photographic Studio at 60 High Street, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. There is one local trade directory entry for him as a photographer there in 1922. By 1939 Gwynne had moved to 8 Crown Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, where he was described as a master photographer. Living with him was his wife, Louise b. 17/10/1891, described as a photographer's assistant, and their son, Harry, L Gwynne, an ironmonger's shop assistant. (Thanks again to Nick Smith for the reference).

See below for an example family portrait taken outdoors on location, oval cut approx size 5.5 x 3.75 inches on light and dark brown card mount, printed below the photograph "Clement Gwynne March and Soham", There is a protective linen finish grey paper fly sheet attached to the mount bearing the legend "A portrait by Clement Gwynne The Studios March and Soham". Below this is an outdoor wedding group, c.1915, 6in x 4.25in on two tone brown mount 10in x 8in with the legend printed in black on the lower rh corner "C.W.Gwynne March and Soham" (both from author's collection).
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire 1912 and 1916
1939 Register.

Family portrait, Clement Gwynne Text on mount cover - C Gwynne

Wedding group by CW Gwynne

Detail from the above wedding group

detail od Gwynne mount

Family portrait by Clement Gwynne, 1914-15, of Rose Ellen Clark 1887-1949 and her family

Family portrait by Clement Gwynne, 1914-15, of Rose Ellen Clark 1887-1949 and her family

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